Vivid Imaginations..

Ok, I'll try to mak it a story, but it might just be imagines or fun thoughts from my imagination ( its usually on overtime ). I hope it's interesting and/or fun! :) Leave comments it you want me to try to write something. ( no promises, but I will try :) )


1. New Renter

*hmmmm, should I get the Winterfresh or the Bubblemint?...*
You wondered while walking sideways absentmindedly down the aisle in Dollarama.
" Whoops, sorry " You say when you feel yourself run into somebody. " That's quite alright Love." You hear in an amazing British accent. You turn and see a SUPER cute guy with a head of adorable curls and piercing emerald green eyes. He smiles at you and you smile and look down at the ground; but his basket blocks the the way. " That's quite the amount of candy you've got there." You remark. He glanced down at it. " I know. I've kinda been living off candy until I can get myself a place to stay... Hey!" He exclaimed suddenly, looking back at you. For a moment, your just taken by the sharpness of his eyes. " Do you know a place that's renting?" For a moment, your silent; then you wake up from his gaze and awnser. " Uhm... Ya actually... I do. My parents have been looking for someone to rent out an extra room they have. Uh.. I could call them and set you up if you want.." You reply. He smiles, and you almost pass out again. * Man, this guy is BEAUTIFUL!* You think while he opens his mouth and says " OK ". Another smile and your feeling dizzy. " OK, well , gimme a sec." You say pulling your phone outta your bag and opening it.
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