The Unwanted

this is my first movella! XD hahaha.... but anyway so yea this is a story is not my best.. but i anna see how it goes i LOVE witing i have been writing since i was little but i have NEVER let anyone read them! i am not the best at puncutation but i am pretty good at spelling so yea if i forget a period its okay just ingore it.

this is a story about a young girl named caitlyn, this is about her journey through her tough life into adualthood along with 1D... well they come after chapter 5 or 6 .. but my bio about the story sucks! boo-hoo :( PROMISE!! I PROMISE THE STORY IS BETTER! :) PLEASE READ AND COMMENT AND LET ME NOW WHAT..... CAPS BUTTON IS STILL ON ;) comment and let me know what you think what i can change or do better thanks my little beauties!


1. Intro to my life


                   Hi, my name is Caitlyn Nicole Hoover. I am 15 years old, I am the daughter of the now deceased Anne Hoover & Jason hoover. My mum died of a rare illness to the heart and lungs, When i was only 7. The tramatic incident  brought me and my dad closer but sadly just 2 years later we drifted apart from eachother. My aunt suggested he get out in the world and meet another girl, but little did i know that he no longer wanted me.


He got a whole new life... without me .. i mean i still lived there and was apart of the family.. well i pretty much just lived there,  he also kinda ingnored me....A LOT. He met Tammy, boy was he smitten. i had a bad feeling about her from the start, like just everytime i saw her i got a knot in my stomach it made me cringe. She took controll over my dad she made him do things, buy thing she, controlled his every move. She drove us apart .... like our family was a strong iceberg and when my mum died it cracked and started to break. Little by little we patched the cracks and fixed it and just plain moved on. Tammy showed up and now, i was on my own iceberg, sinking, cracking... just breaking and  they never noticed they started to drift farther away from me. My dad and i never talked anymore beside a awkward "hi"  or a normal "how is school" but i never awnser when he askes me that. I HATE SCHOOL, i dont like to talk about it because i am an "outcast","loner","loser"  and "unwanted"... the girl everyone picks on and takes advantage of. The main reason is bullies. they.. they just amaze me at how far they can take things.. this world.. his world what has it come to?


Mabey they pick on me because of my looks?..... i have brown hair... pretty normal. i have deep boring blue eyes.. odd right?.. i think so it does not go with my body and face. i am about average height for my age and kinda devolped if you get what i mean ;)  i have very pale pink lips and a tiny nose. I feel boring until i wear a little bit o make-up....that does not always help how i feel about myself thought. i am nothing like other girls... i stay locked in my room most of the time i dont do sports..i skateboard... does that count?  i HATE shopping ... i feel ugly in everything or that people have staring problems. So i lock my door to keep out the world and Tammy! She is very abusive.. i dont know why ..i just.. i dont thnk she likes me because i am not hers or that i may stand in her way i dont know what it is but she has problems. She tells my dad i hurt myself for attention and that she has caught me doing it before, i mean yea.. i cut... but i mean i dont punch myself.."who does that?"

 I am locked in my room ..... it is dark " i dont deserve a tv".  i have a phone "thank god" , i am so thankful for that. It helps so much!  Nothing can get in when i block it out with music right? I listen to everything from scremo to rap.. but not country! i HATE country ..... i dont know why i mean nno offence to anyone who likes it but it's not me. i have one person to text helen and i am very thankful for her. If i did not have her i think my life would be more depressing like schoolwould just be awful. Honestly i might lose her se is always worrie about her boyfriend.... mark  *sigh*

one very imporant group i listen to is..... ONE DIRECTION!   they have helped me through so much! i love them with my all my heart, i want them to know how much they mean to me and how much they have donee.. not just for me but for all the directioners, they make me feel beautiful for 3minutes and 11 seconds.. that is on up all night delux verson... okay that is all about me bye


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