The Unwanted

this is my first movella! XD hahaha.... but anyway so yea this is a story is not my best.. but i anna see how it goes i LOVE witing i have been writing since i was little but i have NEVER let anyone read them! i am not the best at puncutation but i am pretty good at spelling so yea if i forget a period its okay just ingore it.

this is a story about a young girl named caitlyn, this is about her journey through her tough life into adualthood along with 1D... well they come after chapter 5 or 6 .. but my bio about the story sucks! boo-hoo :( PROMISE!! I PROMISE THE STORY IS BETTER! :) PLEASE READ AND COMMENT AND LET ME NOW WHAT..... CAPS BUTTON IS STILL ON ;) comment and let me know what you think what i can change or do better thanks my little beauties!


6. authors notes...again

sorry its been forever but im having personal problems and right now its late and my computer keeps crashing but tomorrow is friday and i am not going anywher for the weekends so mabey i cn finnaly finish chapter 3 i keep accidently hitting publish and not save as draft bacuse im to lazy to proof read right after i right and i know thes authors notes are driving u guys crazy and im a bad writer right now but i have had my friend ... its kinda personla and then just tons of family issues  and my mom got surgery and she lives alone so i had to stay a week at her house.... with no computer or internet but yea i swear tomorrow i will right at least 2 or 3 chapters and publish them saterday then write a chapter on saterday and edit that on sunday then write sunday so...yep love you my beauties! please have trust and faith in me



love, Hidden_beauty1211

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