The Unwanted

this is my first movella! XD hahaha.... but anyway so yea this is a story is not my best.. but i anna see how it goes i LOVE witing i have been writing since i was little but i have NEVER let anyone read them! i am not the best at puncutation but i am pretty good at spelling so yea if i forget a period its okay just ingore it.

this is a story about a young girl named caitlyn, this is about her journey through her tough life into adualthood along with 1D... well they come after chapter 5 or 6 .. but my bio about the story sucks! boo-hoo :( PROMISE!! I PROMISE THE STORY IS BETTER! :) PLEASE READ AND COMMENT AND LET ME NOW WHAT..... CAPS BUTTON IS STILL ON ;) comment and let me know what you think what i can change or do better thanks my little beauties!


4. authors notes

AHHHHHHHH okay so that last chapter was supposted to be longer but i accidently hit sav and pulish not save as draft so yea chapter 3 and 5 will be basically one big chapter DAMIT MY MOM CALLED MA DOWNAND I HURRIDLY HIT A BUTTON AND NOW IM MAD BECAUSE IT TOTALLY FUCKED UP GYHDSBCGHDS BCHD JMHUSK god im like pissed  I HOE YALL DONT hate e it totally is like jacked up it is not edited or anything and im way too tired to even try to fix it so yea i guess i will fix it tomorrow?? sorry for the mistake guiis!! forgive me goodnight

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