The Unwanted

this is my first movella! XD hahaha.... but anyway so yea this is a story is not my best.. but i anna see how it goes i LOVE witing i have been writing since i was little but i have NEVER let anyone read them! i am not the best at puncutation but i am pretty good at spelling so yea if i forget a period its okay just ingore it.

this is a story about a young girl named caitlyn, this is about her journey through her tough life into adualthood along with 1D... well they come after chapter 5 or 6 .. but my bio about the story sucks! boo-hoo :( PROMISE!! I PROMISE THE STORY IS BETTER! :) PLEASE READ AND COMMENT AND LET ME NOW WHAT..... CAPS BUTTON IS STILL ON ;) comment and let me know what you think what i can change or do better thanks my little beauties!


3. Another day passing by

I cant sleep its another long night.  The yelling and arguing that keeps me up, the violence. With all of that i take my sparkly pink headphones.... yes sparkly pink i have had them forever, Shove them into my ears and push then start blasting my music. I pause and go silent even though my music is still going and you can still hear the yelling and partying. Honestly its no use i try to drown it out but as usal it never works, i have school in the morning and its fine if i am so tired i fall asleep. I start searching for pandora on my crapy little i phone 3... i cant get a new one  unless  i buy it myself  *sigh*.  I click on one direction radio, and soon i am slowly drifting asleep to 5 guys singing about beautiful flaws.



   I am awoken to a abrupt yell "GET YOUR LAZY FUCKING ASS UP, YOU DUMB LITTLE BITCH"

 "arghhh, I'M UP BI-TAMMY" i shout with all my might making my voice sounding scratchy from being woken up.

 My long legs grow from being in a little ball and strech out over my bed, spinning myself up and practically falling over. I start walking over to the bathroom and run back and grab my supplies, Tammy will use thrm if i dont hide them. I walk into a cold bathroom and turn on the hot water, letting it heat up.

   I start to babble cupid's chokehold by gym class heros 

  " Ba ba da da, Ba ba da da, Ba ba da da, Ba ba da da, Ba ba da da. Take a look at my girlfriend she's the only one i got (Ba ba da da) not much of a girl friend i never seem to get alot (ba ba da da) Its been a while since we last spoke, this is gonna sound like a bad joke, but mama i fell in love again, its safe to say i have a new girlfriend. I know it sound so old, but cupids got me in a chokehold, and im afraid i might give in"  "AHHH SOAP IN MY EYE IT BURNNSS!!!" I quickly rush to get a towl on my way to the towl i slip and fall draging the shower curtian down with me " OUCH....damn i am a big cluts" i mumble under my breath

I stand up and grab my towl wipe off the soap around my eye, using the same towl i wrap my hair before the cold water can drip onto my back. Standing in a nice warm bathroom, it's memorizng. I snap out of my trance  and  realize i have to leave the comfy warmth of the bathroom. " shit i hate this part" i run to my room as fast as i can. where is it?  i wanna waer my plaid shirt. "Ahh-HAAA, there you are. I slip on my clothes which consists o a plaid red and blue shirt with a blue cami underneath, along with some skinny jeans and red vans. When i am satisified with mu outfit i leave my room....saftey zone.  Loking for a trace of my dad, which i don't see so i slip out into the danger zone, quickly ducking past tammy.   

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