Moments with You

Things can change in an instant and when they do the outcome can be surprising.........


1. the whole story.......


 "Seafood......again!" I might have been 19 and moved out of my parents house, but my roommate Macy always seemed to pick the food. "Yes Chelsea seafood again. I pay rent, I pick food!" I grumbled in response.

  Macy and I had been friends since pre-k and we had always panned to stick together. We moved to London, England one month ago and I still was jobless considering thats why I moved in with her ,to get back on my feet.

  Macy decided to spend the week with her two year boyfriend Nicholas so I was gonna skip the seafood and go to my favorite resturant Nandos! I quickly changed out of my lounging clothes and into purple skinny jeans and a floral tank top considering it was summer. I let my long blond hair fall to the center of my back. I was going to walk since the resturant isn't that far away from our flat.

                           Chelsea's P.O.V

  I was about to walk through my shortcut to get to Nandos when I felt a pair of cold hand grab me by the waist and he whispered in my ear " Thought you would never see me again did you babe." I knew who it was instantly. Damon.

  He pulled me into a close by alley. "Please j-just let m-me go!" I said through the tears now racing down my cheeks as I was remembering my last memory of Damon." Now why would I do that ,don't you remember what happened last time you begged me to let you go!?!" He was now right in my face. I felt him kick me in my stomach and I fell to the ground instantly knowing I couldn't get away if I tried. The punches kept coming my whole face now covered in blood and bruises. "This is what you get for leaving me!!"

                           Louis' P.O.V

   I was running into an alley tring to escape the screaming mob of fans chasing me when I heard a different kind of screaming. A blood curtiling one. I ran to the source of the screaming and saw a black haired tall American man standing over ,and kicking, a girl about my age. I ran over and punched him in the face and since it came out of no where he fell to the ground. He ran off before I could finish him and I turned my attenion back to the blond haired and bloody girl."Are you ok? I've called my friend and we're going to take you to the hostpital!"

                             Chelsea's P.O.V

   The punches and kicks stoped coming so I opened my eyes and was greeted with a warm and caring pair of blue ones staring down at me."Are you alright? I've called my friend and we're going to take you to the hostpital!" He said to me." As ok as a person could be who just got their face punched in! But thanks for the concern." A car pulled up about two minutes later and we hoped in. "Wait.. are you who I think you are.!" I was staring at who I belived to be Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. They all started smiling so my suspisions were true I was saved by One Direction!

                           Niall's P.O.V

  So what's you're name and why was that guy beating you up?" I asked tring to find out more about this girl who I just met. " I'm Chelsea and that .... was my ex boyfriend Damon who I've been tring to escape from for two years. Everywhere I go I seem to run into him." She said holding back the tears that were threatning to spill over. I was already falling for this girl and I just met her. "I'm nineteen by the way in case any of you were wondering." She said looking over at me ...why me?

  We arrived at the hostpital and she didn't need stitches and the doctors said she could leave after they gave her some medicine for the pain. "Crap!!! I forgot Macy's not gonna be there! Oh well I'll just sit in bed all day anyways." she sighed and I felt bad for her so I said without thinking, "You can stay with us I mean ..if you want to." The guys looked at me as if I was crazy but they agreed anyways. "I can't do that I wouldn't want to be a bother." " Pleaseeee!!" louis said in his little kids voice she started to laugh which made me happy ,too. " I guess if you guys want me too I could!" Yes thank goodness I hoped she would say yes!

                  one day later... Chelsea's P.O.V

  I still can't thank the boys enough I mean taking me in and being my friends I couldn't ask for any more! I kinda no... not kinda, I HAD feelings for Niall because I felt the most secure around him and I hoped he felt the same. "Chelsea, could I talk to you for a moment?" I thought I was gonna get kicked out but nodded so we walked into his room. "Chelsea I.....I really like you and I wanted to know if you felt the same?" I was blushing and was bursting on the inside! " Of course I like you Niall!!" He looked at me like he was suprisedand he started smiling that sile that to me was perfect! "You do? Then will you do me the honor of ..being my girlfriend and princess?" "I would love too!" He pecked me on the lips and I melted on the inside! We walked out hand in hand , fingers intwined, and all the lads looked at us and started smirking. Before anyone could say anything Niall pulled my out the door and into the car.

                               Niall's P.O.V

   I couldn't belive she said yes I finally had my princess! I decided to give her a small kiss and then we walked into the living room. The lads started smirking and I didn't want to hear what they were going to say so I just pulled Chelsea outside with me and into the car. I drove to Nandos and she started to smile."I'm guessing you like this place!" I said smiling she nodded and we walked in hand in hand this was a perfect day. I ate tons of food and Chelsea had no trouble of keeping up she could eat just as much as me!! "This was the best day ever!" She said and she kissed me on my cheek. I had to turn my face so she didn't see me blushing but when I did everything went black.

                          Chelsea's P.O.V

   I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he started to blush so he turned his head and I turned to look forward and at that instant I saw a car coming straight for us head on, then everything went black as I said "I love you" to Niall not knowing if that would be the last time I saw him. When I woke up I was in a hostpital bed with wires straped all over me. I tried to move but a sering pain shot up through my body so I just stayed put."Where's Niall!!" I shouted now realizing the boys where in my room with tears in there eyes they just looked at me. "I said where's NIALL!!!!" Louis answered "He is across the hall in the intensive care unit and he is in bad shape."  I was in shock. This could not be happening! I yanked the wires out of my arms and ran across the hall ignoring the pain that it caused me. " Ari!! Stop!!" the boys yelled as they chased my but I got to his room to see the love of my life lifeless ,and wires conected to every limb on his body. I lost it ,completely lost it. I fell to the floor and cried screamed and cried some more. Liam picked me up over his shoulder to try and take my back to my room. "Let me GOOO!!" I screamed as I tried to fight my way back to Niall. He did as I said in case that was the last time I would get to see him. Now the lads were in histarics too. I guessed they where tring to hold it together for me but it was too hard. I ran over to him crying and Iwhispered into his ear "I love you I will always love you and I-I just w-wanted to tell you that one last time.You are my prince." His eyes opened slowly and he said "I love you too but more, princess." I broke out into tears as his eyes closed and his moniter flatlined. Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn had to carry me out of the hostpital as I was in to much pain to even walk. Not my body but my heart. When we reached the car the lads finally showed their tears as we sat there for hours crying and telling stories of the best times with Niall.

                         three years later....

   I never met anyone else. There was no one that could replace my Niall so I stayed single. Instead I hung out with the lads so that I could always be reminded of the short but wonderful time I spent with Niall. Louis gave me Niall's favorite shirt to keep in memory of him, it said "Free Hugs!" Harry gave me Niall's favorite colone, Armani Mania. Zayn gave me Niall's favorite hat it was red with a white stripe around it. Liam gave me Niall's favorite onsie it was an American flag one. And Niall, he gave me his heart and his memories which are the things that I love the most.


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