One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


5. You are here!!! :)


I got up like every ten minutes last night to go pee. I kept trying to be sneaky but every time i got up Justin was awake. I haven't peed so much in my life! Pattie thinks it was the soda I had at dinner last night. I think so too because usaully when I drink soda or tea i go pee a lot. 

I got like 4 hours of sleep last night, but I was also thinking a lot about my mom. Every one else is already here accept for her, Scooter, and the background dancers. We ate dinner with Chaz, Ryan, Diane, Bruce, Jeremy, Jazzy, Jaxon, and Pattie. The wedding is going to be mostly family. 

The Guest List:

Pattie Mallete & Jeremy Bieber (Justin's Parents)

Marie Lauren & Greg Denel (Eli's Parents)

Scooter Braun

Chaz Somers  & Ryan Butler

Alfredo Flores

Lil Twist & Big Sean

Christian Beadles

Usher Raymond

Jazzy Bieber & Jaxon Bieber


Daniella Carter & Bailey Willings

Diane Bieber & Bruce Bieber

There are Justin's Background dancers, but there are too many people to list, and I dont know their names. 

By the time 6 came around I was starving, but also had a little bit of a stomach ache. Justin was sleeping, so i  got up and went down to the buffet down the hall. I ate cereal and some toast and went back to the room to find Justin standing in front of the door in his pajamas. 

"Is everything okay hun?" I asked curiously

"I have something that I think you should know." At that point I became extremely worried.

"Yeah, you can tell me."

"Selena was in the tour bus yesterday." he said hesitating

"SHE WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?" I yelled

"She was in the bus waiting for me. She thought I would leave you for her and she waited for me. Your mom found her."

"OH MY GOSH!!!! JUSTIN!!!!" I started screaming even louder. I don't even really know why I'm upset, but for some reason I fealt angry.

"I'm sorry babe! It wasn't my fault, I had NOTHING to do with it! I swear!"

"How could you do this to me!? After all we have been through!" I started crying. I am really moody today.

Justin kissed my head and wiped away my tears. "I had nothing to do with it! Babe, I would NEVER EVER EVER hurt you! It was all Selena."

"I believe you. I'm sorry! I don't know whats happening. I am having mood swings, i pee all the time, I am nauseous in the mornings. It's really weird. I just...don't know what's happening."  I really am clueless of what is happening. This has never happened before.

"I love you Elizabeth, and I hope you know that."

"I know. You tell me all the time. And I love you too. There is no other person that I would rather spend the rest of my life with."  I leaned in for a kiss, and Justin kissed back. I opened the door and got changed. We are meeting my mom at the airport in 45 minutes. I got in the shower and got dressed in something warm and comfortable. It was getting cold outside.

Justin was looking sexy, wearing a black v neck, white beanie, whit supras, and dark jeans. 

"Baby, it's cold outside. Don't you need a jacket?" 

"Nah, I'm good."

"Okay, but if you get cold it's your fault." I took Justin's hand and we walked to the car. He opened my car door and we drove off to the airport. We waited for 30 minutes when we finally saw my mom. 

"Mommy!" I ran yelling torwards her, my arms open wide for a hug. 

"Elizabeth!!!" she yelled back dropping her bags, running torwards me. "I missed you so much honey."

"Hi mom." Justin said walking up, joining the hug. Scooter and the rest of the people came out. We talked and drove to the hotel. We rented out an entire floor for everyone who was attending the wedding. 

I saw Justin and mom whispering. I dont know what they were talking about. 

I showed everyone to their rooms. My mom and I planned lunch for later. I sat in the room watching tv with Justin until 1 came. I got ready and met my mom in her room. We took Justin's car. Mom wouldn't let me drive, so I have no idea where we are going. 

We pulled up into this fancy hotel. Mom led me to a huge room with really fancy things. There was an indoor waterfall, a glass chandelier, lots of tables, and balloons. 

"SUPRISE!!!!!" people yelled, popping out from their secrete hiding spots. 

"What is this !?" I asked turning torwards my mom. 

"It's your Bridal shower!" she said with a smile

"Oh my gosh!!!!" I was really excited.  I walked around the room meeting people. Everyone here were people that I went to high school with. Danny, Bailey, Magen, Yasmin, Christina, Lulu, Gracie, Maddie, Sarah, Kayla, Lilly, Amelia. So many people were here. Hopefully they can all come to the wedding. The bigger the better. 

"Ok, here is an outfit we baught you. Go put it on." Danny said putting a bag in my hands. I came out in the outfit they baught for me and everybody smiled.

"You look beautiful!" My mom said giving me a hug

"How did you plan all of this? You have been here for 2 hours."

 "We planned it on the plane. Before i got on the plane I texted Justin and talked to him. He said that he would send another jet to come and get them. They got here an hour after I did."

"Wow! That's amazing."

"So are you ready to have fun?" Danny asked

"Yeah!" The music blasted and everybody was going wild. This is one of the best days ever. We had cake and opened gifts. There were many expensive things. 


Vase (for flowers)

Mini fridge


Frape' Maker 

Door mat (Says: Bieber <3)

Blankets (heated)

Matching PJ's

Varsity Jacket (says: Mrs Bieber)

45 inch flat screen TV

2 tickets to Disney Land (no expiration date)

The gifts were crazy! I feel so special. It was about 7 when we left, and After the party my mom and I drove back to the hotel where Justin was crashed on the bed. I got into my PJ's and cuddled with Justin. 


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