One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


10. Surprises

Justin POV

Today is going to be a great day. I am taking Elizabeth to the hospital to check to see if she is pregnant and then we are going to fly to California for our honeymoon. Its a surprise, so I can't tell you. 

I woke up to a beautiful girl with her head on my chest. I wanted to get up to make her breakfast but I didn't want to wake her up. I slightly moved to see if she would wake movement. I slowly moved so Eli wouldn't notice and I rolled out of bed. I walked downstairs into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There wasn't much so I made what I could with the ingredients that we had. There was turkey, eggs, ketchup, onion, cheese, and bacon. I decided to make an omlete. I turned on the stove and set a pan on top. Then I mixed the eggs, added pepper and salt to the mixture, and cut up the onion and bacon into little tiny pieces. I poured the egg into the pan and added the turkey, union and bacon cubes, and lots of cheese. After I finished cooking the omletes I put them on a plate and carried them upstairs to find Eli sitting in bed wide awake. 

"Where did you go?"

"I made my lovely lady breakfast." I replied giving her the plate and sitting down on the bed with her.

"Aww, you are so sweet." she kissed me. I turned on the tv and ate with my gorgeous wife. Around 10 we were bored so I figured I would take her to the hospital. We took a shower and got dressed. Elizabeth looked amazing!

We got in the  car and drove to the nearest hospital. We walked up to the 3rd floor where Eli would be tested. 

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, I am Dr. Porfier. What may I help you with?"

"We think that Elizabeth is pregnant. Can you test her to make sure that it is positive?"

"Yes. I will just have to ask a few questions first."

"Go ahead."

"Elizabeth, please take a seat on this table." Elizabeth jumped up on the table and I grabbed her hand.

"Ok. How long has it been since your last period?"

"5 weeks." 

"Have you been sick?"

"Yes, morning sick mostly."

"Are your breasts tender and sore?"


"How often do you use the bathroom?"

"Once about every fifteen minutes."

"Ok. Drink this water and let me know when you have to go to the bathroom." he handed her a small plastic cup. 

5 minutes later Elizabeth was given a cup and asked to go pee in it. I don't really understand how this works, but if it gives us results I don't really care. 

Eli came out and handed her cup to the doctor. Dr. Porfier took the cup and left. Ten minutes later he came back in with papers in his hand.

"I have your results." he said

"And....are they negative or positive?" I asked, I was getting really sweaty and nervous. I would love to have a family, and if the results are negative I am going to be very upset.

"Congratulations, the results are positive! You are 2 weeks pregnant!"

"That's amazing!!!!" I yelled. I grabbed Eli and picked her up. I gently put her down and caressed her hair behind her ear. I leaned in for a passionate kiss, and she gave it to me. I don't even care if the doctor was staring. I am so excited to be a father. 

"I am so happy for you two. I wish you two a happy future." 

"Thanks." Eli said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me torwards her for another kiss. After the hospital we drove back to our 'home' and packed up for the honeymoon. At around 7 we drove to the airport and got on a private plane to California. 

It was a 10 hour flight, and I spent the entire time celebrating our new family...and sleeping. By the time we got to California it was 7 in the morning. The honeymoon didn't start until 12 so I took Eli back to her house to see her friends and family. We walked through the front door and Beaty attacked us. I totally forgot about Beaty. I knew that Eli would want to keep her so I am going to take her home with us when we get back from our honeymoon. It was so great coming back home. I fealt so welcomed and comfortable. There was no one home because everyone was still in Paris. We had the house to ourselves, but Elizabeth wanted to go somewhere, so we walked around town. There was a starbucks down the street so we walked there hoping not to be noticed by people. Sadly we were recognized and were chased down the street. I could tell that Eli was having a hard time keeping up, which I don't blame her...she's new to it and she is wearing heals. Finally by the time I shooed the croud off it left us enough time to get a drink and chill. We walked into starbucks and ordered Caramel Fraps. We walked back to the house where we left our stuff and drove to the honeymoon spot. When we got there Eli was really surprised.

"OH MY GOSH!!! WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!!!!" She screamed

"You like?!?!"

"I LOVE!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!" she kissed me. This is going to be a great time!!!






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