One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


35. Sick (cont.)

Justin POV

"Look at what you did." I said running to the bedroom 

When i walked in Eli was was curled up in a ball on the corner of the bed. 

"What's wrong with me Justin?" she asked.

"Nothing. He's on his period or something." i laughed. 


"Baby. You're amazing. He's just upset because i got a wife before he did."

"I dont think that's what it is."

"Tell me what you think it is."

"He is obviously mad because you are losing fans."

"What do you mean I am losing fans? I am not losing fans."

"Think about it Justin! Ever since you got married to me you haven't been on tour and you haven't made any new music. It isn't sounding good for you babe. I mean, you got me pregnant. How do you think your fans feel about that? They say they will always be there but we both know that they won't. I dont want to make you feel bad but you have lost a lot of respect and fans."

"Those are fans, not Beliebers."

"Justin. Beliebers and fans are the same thing."

"No! No they aren't. Beliebers have always been there. They aren't going anywhere."

"And how do you know? I am a belieber and if i found out that you got Selena pregnant i would have lost all respect."


"Because your Beliebers became fans before Beliebers, and fans don't stay forever. They fell in love with Kidrauhl. You have changed. I mean, you almost had a baby at 19. That was like my mom hearing about Michael Jackson having a kid. It broke her heart, and now she doesn't even listen to his music. You are no different."

"I am still Kidrauhl."

"No Justin, you aren't. As much as I love you and want you to be happy, you aren't Kidrauhl anymore. You aren't a virgin, you smoked weed, you peed in a mop bucket and cussed out a picture of Bill Clinton, you cheated on Selena, you were in a song about blow jobs, and you are tatted up and down. You aren't the same 15 year old that everybody fell in love with."

"Wow. I guess the truth hurts."

"You aren't the same 15 year old that i fell in love with. You are better and different.  You have to realize that your fan base is made of teenage girls and little girls. If they haven't lost respect for you than their parents have... and don't allow them to listen to your music anymore. I'm not saying that you need to change yourself to make people happy. Do whatever makes you happy."

Justin turned around with a bit of tears in his eyes. He had a small smile on his face. "You make me happy, but i can't do you for a few more months."

I laughed. "You can do whatever you want baby. You don't have to change yourself to make your fans and Scooter happy. Follow your heart." 

"My heart tells me to follow you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, i will follow you."

"Are you sure that i didn't hurt your feelings about that whole Kidrauhl thing. You are different, but different eyes see different things. What i see is wonderful, maybe just because you're mine, or maybe just because you are an amazing human being. But i love you regardless of how much you change."

I placed my lips on hers, and she kissed back with such passion. Her kiss made me happy. She made me happy. 

"I'm not mad at you baby. I'm happy you brought that to my attention. I guess i could let a few things go, to be me again."

"No Justin, you dont have to."

"I know, but i want to."

"You wunna go talk to Scooter?"

"I dont know, i'm kinda mad at him."

Just then Scooter walked into the room. It was quiet. 


I stood up with anger. "Scooter, I dont know how funny you think this is to play with her head like that. Why on Earth would you want to make her feel like she was ruining my career? She's making it better. She's making my life better. You are going to have to accept that. It's my life, not yours. I'm not going to listen to your crap."

I still had more mean things to spat at him but i wanted to see how he would respond first. It took him a while to think about what i said and answer back. 

"I'm surprised you are sticking up to me."

"I thought it was about time i did. I'm not the same 15 year old boy that you signed. Thanks to Elizabeth, i have realized that. I'm a 19 year old MAN. You cant push me around and make me feel like i don't have a voice, because I sure as hell have one. And you can't make the love of my life feel like she is nothing. She is something! If anything, she should be respected more than me. She's the one with all the talent."

"Come on..." Elizabeth said standing up. "I have no talent. You don't have to make me feel special." 

"You do have talent." Scooter said. 

"She does." I agreed. She wrapped her arms around me for a hug and i kissed her forehead. I left my hand around her waist. 

"Elizabeth, Justin. I know i don't deserve your forgiveness. What i said was wrong. If someone told me i was responcible for people disliking someone else i would be really upset. To be honest, it's my fault. I am so controlling over Justin. I shouldn't have made you feel like you weren't important, because you are. I'm sorry."

"What you did was wrong, but i forgive you." Eli said. 

"Me too. But we have to make a deal."

"What is it?" 

"Let me talk to Eli first."

"Take your time. I will be in the living room."

I waited until Scooter left to talk to her. 

"What do you think we should do?"

"I have no idea."

"Ok well who is one of your favorite celebrities?"

"You." she smiled. 

"Other than me?"

"Austin Mahone, or Taylor Swift."

"SCOOTER!!!!!" I yelled. 

"Coming!" he answered. He walked in a few seconds later. 

"Get Austin Mahone or Taylor to come on tour with us."

"Really bro? You don't want to go Solo?"

"Nah. My baby wants to meet some new people." 

"Alright, I will see what i can do."

"Thanks man."

"No problem."

 A huge smile emerged on Eli's face.

"What are you smiling about?"

"I can't believe you would give up the stage for me."

"I would do anything for you baby girl." 



Oh my gosh guys i am so sorry this chapter took so long. I completely forgot about my story. Friends have been coming over EVERYDAY and i have been so busy. I know this chapter SUCKED but i will make it up to you. I start high school in 2 days and i am going to be really busy so idk how often i will be posting chapters. Please don't hate me!!!!


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