One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


20. Honeymoon (day 6)

Justin POV

Today is our last day on the cruise. This trip went by so much faster than I thought it would. Time does fly when you are having fun.

Eli got a sunburn from the beach yesterday. I thought it was kind of cute because I am so used to seeing her cheeks being red, but when her entire body is red it is cuter. I, on the other hand, got a really nice tan. I have always been a good tanner, and I guess Eli is a skilled burner. Luckily we brought Aloe vera. I helped pour the aloe vera on her back and advised her to take a cold shower. After taking half the morning waiting for Eli to feel good enough to do stuff, we went walking around the ship looking for things to do.

After walking for a while we decided that today would be a good day to eat all the food we could without getting sick. We raced to the buffet and gathered a pile full of food. People looked at us crazy, but it's not like I cared. People look at me crazy all the time. We sat down at our favorite spot, the spot that we always sit at. I watched Eli tackle her plate of food like a lion who hasn't eaten in a month. I tried to eat slow so that I could digest my food. After 20 minutes Eli was already 3/4 done with her food. She wasn't looking to well. She actually started turning green.

"Elizabeth, are you okay?" I asked

"Yeah, I will be fine." she said holding her stomach.

"You don't look fine. The sky is getting dark, it might even rain, and you are greener than Shrek. I think we should go back to the room.

"That's a good idea." she agreed. I took her hand and dumped our trays. As we were walking to the room Eli started walking a little ahead of me, eager to get to the room.

"Baby, If you need to run than run." 
"Are you sure? I feel so bad already, I don't want to leave you behind."
"I am positive." At that moment she started running to the door, pulling the key out of her pocket. When I walked into the room I could hear ELi in the bathroom getting sick. I sat on the bed and turned on the tv waiting for her. When she came out she still looked really sick.

"I am sorry Justin." She appoligized.

"What do you have to be sorry about?"

"I was hoping that I wouldn't be sick on the last day here and I did."
"Kisses, that isn't your fault at all. You have a baby on the way, you can't control if you are sick or not."
"I just feel like I ruined everything."

"Quit saying that!" I stood up and ran up to Eli, giving her a kiss. "You are so amazing. If you weren't in my life I would have no reason to live. Elizabeth, you are the love of my life! You mean more to me than you think you do! Words cannot explain how much I love you! I don't care if you are in a wheelchair, you could never ruin this trip. Heck, if i would have never met you we wouldn't even be on this trip. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You are carrying our child, that has to mean something. You could never ruin anything."
"I love you too Justin. I am so head over heals for you. I don't deserve a single piece of you. I want to be everything for you, and I want to make you proud. I am so happy that I went to your concert. You are...just so amazingly perfect in every single way. I love you so much." 
I gave her another kiss and pulled her in for a hug. We stood there hugging for God knows how long. After she let go we pulled up the convers and layed in bed. We watched Sleeping Beauty and fell asleep.

2 hours later

When I woke up it was pouring outside. The water was going crazy and the waves were flowing our for miles. I could feel the boat rocking back and forth, up and down. I went outside on the balcony and watched the water. I grabbed my phone and started video taping. Eli came onto the deck and gave me a hug from behind.

"I wonder how many idoits have dropped their phone in the ocean." she teased

"Well, i might be one of them." i joke. I put my phone in my back pocket and walked back inside. Eli said she was hungry, and I thought that she wouldn't want to go out in the rain, but she did anyway. We walked around looking for things to get. She got 2 tacos and some french fries, and I got a corn dog with fries. We found a dry place to sit in the adult lounge and we just sat and ate/talked. After we finished our food we walked down to the girft shop because they sold chocolate and Eli wanted some. We got some chocolate and some gummy worms and went back to the room. The storm was getting worse and worse. You could hear the thunder rolling and see the 3 second flashed of lightning. I tried to keep Eli calm because she was freaking out. Apperantly she saw this video of a ship in a storm and the boat dipped down into the water and flooded.

"Baby, everything is going to be alright. You are safe here with me." I comforted her, holding her tightly.

"Maybe we should go for a walk. When I walk I can't feel the boat moving."
"Ok, whatever you want." I took her hand and walked with her down the stairs. By the time we got to the 2nd floor she was tired of walking down stairs so we just stopped there. We walked around the deck and looked over the balcony. She watched the waves crash into the ocean.

"This is crazy! Look! The waves are spitting out for like 50 feet." She said 

"I know. I thought this trip would have great weat..." I said getting cut off by Eli's scream. While I was talking she got splashed in the face. "You okay?" i asked

"Yeah. The water is salty."

"Well the ocean is salt water." 

"Hey, do you see that passage way down there?" she asked pointing towards an open hallway. "I've never seen it before." 

"Let's go find out what it is." I said taking her hand.



Hey guys! I am SOOOOOO sorry i haven't updated! I had state tests to take and my brother has been hogging the computer. I am So sorry. I will make it up to you guys some how. LOVE YOU!!!! thanks so much for your amazing comments. BieberKisses<3

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