One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


19. Honeymoon (day 5)


After that terrible water taxi ride yesterday I spent the entire night puking my guts out. I felt really bad because poor Justin stayed up with me all night making sure I was okay. We both got like 2 hours of sleep last night. I am really dehydrated and tired from last night and I know Justin is probably going to be cranky from the lack of sleep. I feel so bad!

"Baby, are you okay?" Justin asked taking my hand

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. It was probably just the horrible water taxi ride."
"Are you sure it wasn't the baby?"
"It might have been but I wouldn;t worry too much about it."

"Ok. So do you want to just stay here today and rest or do you want to go do something?"
"Today we stop at Cozemel and we are going to the beach. We don't have to ride a water taxi today so I will be fine."
"We have to ride a bus honey...remember?"
"Yeah. I will be fine, as long as I keep my eyes on you. You make me feel better."
"So we have an hour until we meet at the beach. I need to take a shower and brush my teeth."
"You brushed your teeth every time you got sick last night. I'm pretty sure they are fine."
"NO they aren't. I hate the taste in my mouth, so until it is gone I will keep brushing." I walked into the bathroom and pulled out my singing toothbrush. It sang "Boyfriend" and I'm pretty sure Justin got tired of hearing it last night. I wouldn't blame him. After hearing it like 35 times last night I wouldn't be suprised if he smashed it with a hammer. I brushed my teeth until they fely clean anough for me to tolerate and I could hardley taste the vommit in my mouth. I got into the shower and washed my hair and body. Showers always help me feel better for some reason. I got out and blow dryed my hair, and now that I think about it....why would I take a shower and then go to the beach. That makes no sense. I decided to leave my hair wet because unlike other girls, I don't go to the beach to tan, although I really need to. I am white as snow. I got into my bathing suit and walked out of the bathroom to find Justin sitting on the bed watching Sherlock Holmes.

"Justin, you need to get ready. We have like 15 minutes left. If we go now wwe will be one of the first there."

"Fine." He said getting up off the bed. He walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When he came out of the bathroom he was in his swimming trunks.

"Do you need floaties?" Justin teased.

"Are you sure. Cuz you are my baby, and a baby need floaties."
"If anyone needs floaties it will be you." I said in a joking voice.

"Alright...very clever. Do you have the sunscreen and tanning oil?"

"I wouldn't ever leave without it."
"I will carry the room keys and the towels."
"You do know that we have a beach bag sitting in the closet...right?" I asked

"Of course...I knew that."
Justin grabbed the bag from the closet and we left to exit the boat. We were one of the first to get off the boat. We had to wait for a tour guide to walk us across the street. The man walked us through a mini mall it seemed. The roads were made of stone and the stores were outside. The sun was blazing hot, and I could already feel the sweat dropping down my forehead. Justin was taking it harder than I was. He looked like he just came out of a swimming pool. We walked to the stop where all the buses were. Justin and I got the first seat in the first bus. The buses in Mexico are so differrent from the ones in America. The seats aren't plastic or wood, they are cushoned with build in fans and head rests. It was really nice to sit on a bus that wasn't filled with a bunch of mean people. The driver barely spoke English so there was a man to translate for us. Finally we left for the beach. The ride was about 10 minutes, and at the beach there were mini shops of homeade items. We had to walk through a few shop areas to get to the actual beach. I can honestly say that I have never seen a beach like this. There were water trampolines, canoes, those boat that you ride like a bike, and there was even a water park! The water park had slides and pools. I have never seen a water park by the ocean. It was crazy. There was a buffet set up for the people on the beach. Since I am pregnant I am always ready to eat. We picked out a spot right in front of the water and layed our things dow. I went to go get food while Justin stayed and watched our stuff. There was corndogs, steak, potatoes, cookies, some mexican meat. I think I got one of everything because my plate looked like a pyramid. I went to sit back down and waited for Justin to come back. The sun was baking my skin. I am not a very good tanner, I usually burn until I am more red  than a cherry. And my burnt skin doesn't peal like most peoples. I am really weird. I finished about a quarter of my plate before Justin came back.

"I got us some drinks." he said sitting down, handing me a cup. I took a sip of it to see what it was.

"What is this?" I asked. It was actually pretty good.

"It's a virgin Pina Colada since you can't have alcohol."
"Delicious." I took another sip and started eating my food. we sta and talked for a while and after we were done eating i decided to take a dip in the water. I walked in slowly. The water was freezing, but after a while it would get warmer. By the time my entire body was in the water it felt warmer. I swam underneath the water. I could feel the watery sand slip through my fingers. When I came up for breath Justin sat there laughing at me.

"What are you laughing about?" I asked.

"Y....You...." He couldn't even finish the sentence.

"I what?" I asked in confusion.

"You have seaweed in your hair." he laughed. I felt through my hair and finally I found the seaweed and pulled it out of my hair.

"That's what you were laughing so hard about?"
"I thought it was funny." he said catching his breath. "So how's the water?"

"It feals great. You need to get in here."

"I will in a minutes. Just let me put sunscreen on." Justin pulled out the sunscreen and covered his body in it. He jumped into the water and I watched his head pop out of the water.

"How is it."

"It feals amazing. I am glad we decided to go to the beach."
"Me too. In a while do you want to go to the water trampolines?"
"We should go now! Why wait?" I could tell Justin was really excited. We went to the Life Vest shack to get life vests because the trampolines are like 200ft away from the shore so they don't want us to drown. Justin and I swam really close together, and I stayed on my back most of the time. When we got to the trampolines Justin wanted me to climb on first. The ladder was really wet and was literally attached to the trampoline. I got to the top railing of the ladder but I missed the railing. I slipped and fell backwards, my back to the water. I landed on a 10 year old girl and I felt so bad.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. I fell and I didn't mean to land on you. I am really sorry." I appoligized

"It's ok." she giggled. "I'm not hurt and hopefully you aren't either. It happens to me all the time."
"I'm guessing you live here then." I guessed.

"No, my grandma lives here. We are here to visit." She said.

"Fun. What is your name?"

"That's my mom's name. You are very beautiful by the way." I said

"Thanks. You are too." Justin just floated there listening to our conversation. I swam away near Justin and we swam back to shore. Justin wanted to ride in a canoe so we got in one. While Justin was getting a canoe I was walking around the shack. I took a step and I saw a HUGE lizard run from me.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed running to Justin. \

"What's wrong baby?" he asked  holding me close.

"I just saw a lizard the size of a toddler!" I said trying to calm down. The man who worked at the shack looked at me with a confused face.

"Oh! You mean Maraco." The man said

"The lizards name is Maraco?" I asked

"Yes. He is very friendly. He is the pet of my brother Benardo." the man explained.

"Oh Ok." We grabbed the canoe and set it on the shore. I could see the lizard hiding underneath the crack in the concret from the shack. He looked mad.

We got into the canoe and rowed around for 15 minutes, but then we got tired so we went back to the shore. After we put the canoe back we grabbed our stuff and walked to the water park. There were two huge water slides so Justin and I thought we would make a competion out of it.. Both the slides were the same length so we had a race to see who could get to the bottom first. We walke dup the stiars to the top of the slides. The life guard counted down and told us when to go. The first time Justin beat me to the bottom, but the next 5 times I beat him so he gave up. We went to the shops and bought a special bracelet for eachother. They had our names on them. the bus came so we got on and walked back to the ship. What a fun day.


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