One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


18. Honeymoon (day 4 cont.)

Justin POV

I had a really great time at the show with Elizabeth. She is so fun to be around, even when she is all hormonal. Wee spent our lunch time in the pool. I tried to get her to come back on the water slide but she refused so I went by myself. It really isn't that scary, but I am not afraid of heights so it is scarier for her than it is for me. Although I didn't really enjoy being in a tight space. My clastraphobia can get pretty bad at times. Usually I am fine with areas like this and it's just the paps that get on my nerves. 

After I rode the water slide we went into the buffet and pigged out. We had ribs, chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, a dinner roll, fruit, and cheesecake. It was delicious. We got dried off and went walking around to find things to do. At the teenage pool they were basically having a party. There was a DJ, a dude breaking down some sick moves, and a bunch of people dancing and having a great time. Some people even got on the stage and started singing. I took Eli's hand a pulled her onto the stage where we danced with the croud. One of my favorite songs came on...Beauty and a Beat. I went up to the DJ table and asked him to give me the microphone. 

"Hey man, this is my song. Do you mind if I take it from here?" I asked

"Yeah man!" He handed me the mic. I walked to the center of the stage and started singing. Before anyone could realize I was Justin Bieber everyone started dancing. It was such a great time. When the song ended I threw my towel onto the floor and jumped into the pool. All the girls started crowding around me and asking me questions. Lucky for me Eli made a distraction to get them away from me.

"Everyone! Look! Minnie Mouse is Break dancing on the diving board!" she shouted. Everyone ran out of the pool to go see Minnie.  I climbed out of the pool.
"What would I do without you?" I asked giving her a kiss.

"Honestly, I dont really know." She teased.

"So what should we do now?"
"I think we should get ready. Today we stop in Grand Caymans."
"Oh yeah. We are going on a submarine ride." I grabbed her hand and walked back to the room. We grabbed our passes and got dressed. Then an announcement came on.

"Attention Passengers. If you are going to the submarine ride meet in the "Studio of Seas". Thank you."
"Alright Justin. Let's go." She said. We walked to the "Studio of Seas" where there were tons of people. You had to wait in a line and board the water taxi's. The water taxi's were really really rocky. Every wave put knots in my stomach. I think Eli was feeling it worse than I was. 

"Justin, this is terrible." She said holding her stomach.

" I know baby. Just a few more people will be on and then we will leave." When everyone got on the water taxi we started moving. The taxi took us to the land where there were tons of shops for us to visit. We went to the candy shop, jewelry store, and to the clothing store. Eli bought a beautiful pink dress. Then we walked to another water taxi that would take us to the submarine.

"Ok everybody. the Submarine is under water right now. When it comes up we will tie the submarine and the boat together and the poeple in the submarine will come off first. Got it?"the captain said.
"Yes!" everyone screamed. It was so amazing to the the submarine pop out of the water. When everyone came out of the submarine Eli and I were the first people into the submarine. We had to climb down a ladder. I went down first. Eli came down after I did. When she came down I could see her butt.

"Nice Butt!" I said teasing her

"Shut up." she said

We sat down and looked out of the port holes.The water was so blue and foggy. When everyone got in we started going under. The further under the surface we went the more clear the water got. There was a clock looking thing on the wall that said how far under the water we got. The submarine took us to the "Cayman Shelf" which was a corral reef. It was so amazing to see all the fish. When we got to 104 ft below the surface the Captain made an announcement.

"OK. If you and your spouse or lover came on this trip I want you ti give a kiss and a hug." I gave Eli a hug and she gave me a kiss. "This is the lowest point in your relationship." I laughed and looked back out the window. Eli was having an amazing time.  She kept looking at me with a big smile. I was enjoying it also. When we pulled up to the surface we got out onto the water taxi again. They gave us a certificate that said "Dive Certificate. This is to certify that the bearer of this Certificate has completed a voyage beneath the sparkling waters of the Caribbean with ATLANTIS and is hereby bestowed the tile "ATLANTIS SUBMARINER" We sat down at the front of the taxi and drove back to the boat. When we got back we had to take out our Room keys so the security can make sure we were guests on the ship.  We got back to the room and got ready for dinner. 

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