One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


11. Honeymoon (day 1)


I could not believe what I was seeing...a giant disney cruise ship. We are going on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon!!! I haven't even been to Disneyland, but this is so much better than a trip to an amusement park!!!!! Justin was just as excited as I was, and there are kids everywhere. I just hope that I don't get sea sick. 

Justin picked me up and spun me around, planting a giant kiss on my lips. 

"We are going to have the best time. This will be the best honeymoon anyone has ever had." I said giving Justin another kiss.

"Are you ready to get on the boat?"

"Yeah, of course!" Justin took my hand and had one of the carry ons in his hand. I hand the other carry on in my hand. We walked up to the boarding area. We handed the lady our passports, birth certificates, and ID's while our luggage was being scanned. After we were released to the next area we had to sign some papers and get our room cards. A nice man took our luggage and offered to deliver it personaly to our room. We waited for another hour until we could board the ship. During that hour we had to take pictures for our room cards so if we loose them they can scan it and see our faces so they know who it belongs to. Finally they started boarding people onto the boat. It was kind of annoying because the boarding process went by numbers. Each family has a number assigned to them so when they call your number you can board the ship. We were number 12 so we didn't have to wait too long at all. We walked through the area to get on the ship, and people were taking pictures for free. Justin decided he wanted to take a picture so we went and got three pictures taken. In one we were kissing, in another we Justin was carrying me, and in the last one we made silly faces. These are going to be great memories!!!

We walked through the hall to the boat (it's like the thing you walk through to get on a plane) and you could see through it. Justin was video taping all of it. We stepped foot on the ship and I was blown away.

"Hello. What is your last name?" A british man asked.

"Bieber." The man pulled out a microphone and spoke into it.

"Please welcome the Bieber family!" Everybody clapped and screamed. Still video taping, we walked around the boat. This thing was amazing! We got up to the sky deck where there was the buffet center and all the pools. 

"You hungry?" Justin asked 

"I am starving!"

"Good, lets go." Justin led me to the buffet room. It was so big. There were tables, huge structures that held food, and there was a giant fish Ice sculpture. This was amazing! A man gave us trays with forks and spoons to eat with. There was so much food to chose from! There was shrimp, steak, corndogs, french fries, sushi, and so much more! There was even a set for desert! I was in heaven. We gathered our food and walked back out to our seats. The soda machines were outside and are open 24/7! There was also a coffee machine and hot chocolate. I sat down next to Justin at the table watching the little tiny boats in the water float. This boat was huge. We had to wait another hour until we were allowed to go into our suite.

Justin carried me around the boat onto the top of the ship. At the front of the boat there was a huge sports center. There was a basketball and tennis court, ping pong, and foseball tables. Justin thought it would be fun to play foseball, so we played. Justin was really good at this game, but somehow I still managed to beat him.

"How did you beat me? NO one has ever beat me at this game?"

"Well guess I'm just that good."

"Cocky much?"

"You know you like it!"

"Actually it is really attractive."

"So do what do you want to do now? We still have 15 minutes to kill."

"Let's play ping pong. I am the champ!"

"We'll see about that!" I walked over to the table and grabbed a paddle and a ball. "You ready to get your butt kicked?" I teased

"Only if you promise not to cry when you lose." he joked

"Let's do it!!!" I hit the ball with as little power as I could.

"Oh come on! Don't go easy on me!"

"Fine, bring it on!" I hit the ball with all my might and even let out a little grunt. For 4 minutes the ball never left the table, until Justin's arm got tired and he missed it.

"That wan't fair! My arm was tired!"

"Excuses, excuses!"

"I'm being serious! Who ever makes 3 points wins the game."

"Well I have one and you have none, so this should be easy!" Justin hit the ball really hard, but I still hit the ball. The ball went back and forth for God knows how long. Justin ended up losing, and he was cute when his face gets red.

"Oh honey, I'm sorry you lost. You can beat me again tomorrow." I hugged him

"I can't believe you beat me again!"

"It's okay. I still love you."

"I love you too sweet heart." he kissed my forehead.

"Okay, lets go to the room."

We got into the elevator and stopped at the 8th floor (it was right underneath the sky deck.) It took us a while to find our room 576. Justin unlocked the door with his room card and we walked in. 

"OH MY GOD!!!! JUSTIN!!! It's huge!" the room was bigger than my room back home. 

"I got us the honeymoon deluxe suite."

"I love you so much!!! You have no idea how much I love you!!!"

"I think I might!" he grabbed me by the hips and kissed me. We sat down on the bed and made out for what seemed like hours. 

"Hey, you know we have dinner in an hour."

"Yeah, at Animators Palette." he answered

"What should we do until then?"

"It's been a long day. I think we should just chill here and watch a movie."

"Sure." I turned on the small tv and flipped through channels until I found Finding Nemo. I layed on Justin's shoulder and fell asleep. 

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