One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


25. First Reaction

Recap (Eli POV)

"So cute! Next is @noahHoward.""Oh my gosh...I know him!!!" I said. He was the Noah I was talking to last night.

"He says...Elizabeth. I know that you are happy now and we are over, but I mess you. Please take me back." I had no idea how to respond to that. I sat there in awkward silence and finally said......


"How dare you Noah!!!!!" I shouted, standing up in a hustle. "I am happy now! Why would you do this to me??? It was 9th grade for god sake!!! I am married and pregnant!!!  Justin is the love of my life!!! I have been in love with him even before he knew me and you knew that!!! You used to call me "Bieber Girl" in middle school. So no!!!! I will not take you back! Not now, not ever!!!" I tried to catch my breath, calming myself down.

Jimmy and Justin looked shocked at my reaction, and I was too. The second I hear "Please take me back" my hormones kicked in and I couldn't control it. But i'm glad I got that off of my chest. 

When I was just about to sit down Noah walked up from behind the curtains onto the stage.

"I thought you loved me!" He pleaded. 

"I never loved you! Not in 9th grade, not ever! I only dated you because I didn't want you to feel bad. I never actually liked you! I felt sorry for you!" I shouted again. 

"It didn't seem like that when you were grinding on me at the school dance." He replied. The audience gasped and Justin gave me a sad look.

"I never went to a dance with you! We dated for like 3 weeks. You must have dreamt it!" 

"I would never remember a night like that, because that was the first time you kissed me." All the sudden flashbacks of that night came up.


It was at the Valentines day dance in the gym. The music was blasting the song "Cupid shuffle" and everyone was on the dance floor. I was in a really tight dress I was in my mom's high heels that I had never worn before. They were about 6 inches and were really heavy and hard to walk in.  

I always danced to the cupid shuffle so, in my tight dress and high, heavy shoes, I got on the dance floor with Noah. Being the rebels that we were, we danced in the wrong directions so that people would run into us. We were facing each other. I was moving right while everyone else (accept fort Noah) was moving left. I ran was having a hard time moving in my tight dress and shoes and I ran into the chick next to me. Since the shoes were unstable I fell straight forward into Noah...lips first, and I kissed him. But i NEVER grinded on him!!!!


Justin was yelling at me, trying to get my attention since I spaced off.

"Elizabeth!!!! Elizabeth!!!!" Justin yelled waving his hands in my face.

"Sorry babe. I had a flashback moment." 

"Is it true? Did you kiss him?" He asked getting nervous. My immediate action was to tell everyone what happened. 

"It's true, but only because I fell!!! I was in my tight dress and my mom's heavy high heels." 

"Which you looked amazing in" Noah interrupted. 

"Shut up Noah! I have had enough with you!" Justin blurted. "Continue." 

"We were doing the cupid shuffle, being idiots and dancing face to face in the wrong direction. I bumped into the girl beside me and since my dress was so tight i couldn't move my legs fast enough to balance myself out. With my 6 inch heels on and my tight dress i fell into Noah and kissed him on accident. I didn't mean to! It was an accident."

"It was not! You were all over me all night!"

"NOAH!!!! Shut the hell up!!!!" Justin yelled. "Did it mean anything?" he asked

"No!!! It was an accident." 

"Elizabeth, tell Justin that you love me more than him. What we had was so real! I miss you." Noah pleaded.

 "Why should she listen to you huh? Kisses, who do you love more? Me or him?" Justin asked

"Maybe this will answer your question." I wrapped my arms around Justin and made out with him. the audience was screaming and Ewwing. I could't see Noah because my eyes were closed and I was focused on Justin, but i knew that he was pissed off. When we were done I turned around and noticed Noah was gone. Hopefully he stays out of my life forever. 

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