One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)




"I love you too Justin." I stood up and gave him a kiss. "I think now would be a good time to tell you this."

"Tell me what? Are you okay?" he began to worry. I took a deep breath and whispered in Justin's ear.

"I'm pregnant." I was really scared of what his reaction would be. He looked upset and angry.

"That is amazing!"


"Yes. I am so happy. This is a great start to our future!"

"Great!" I was really not expecting this reaction from him, but i'm glad it's a positive reaction. Our friends and family had no idea what we were talking about, so I guess I had to tell them. "Ok everybody...this is big news." everybody cheered, and I didm't want to tell them. I paused for a while and played with my hands. Justin looked at me and gave me a kiss.

"I got this." he whispered. "Elizabeth and I are having a baby!" Everyone clapped and screamed with joy. This went very well. "How do you know you are pregnant?" Justin asked me.

"I was nauseous, I had to pee a lot, my boobs hurt. I was pregnant the entire time." I can't believe I was stupid not to know about it earlier. The signs were so clear.

"Wow! I could have told you that."

"But you didn't. And I was supposed to have my period last week and I missed it."

"Well now that we have a baby on the way I can't do what I planed to do tonight."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Tonight will still be amazing. Lets just make the most of this night." He took my hand and pulled me down to the dance floor. We danced to our 4 most favorite songs: Locked out of Heaven, They Don't Know about us, Love Story, A Thousand Years. it was so romantic. Life with Justin is going to be the best life anyone has ever lived. 

There was this really fun game that we played. The audience chooses when we play by tapping their glass cups. We can play it as many times as we want. There is a bowl with all the names of the guests inside (including mine and Justin's) and when the guests tap the glass Justin and I get to pull a name (one name for Justin and one name for me) and the names that are drawn have to kiss. For example: We pulled out Scooter and Pattie they had to kiss. It was really fun. 

There was a lot of dancing, since Justin and I love dancing. 

Songs played at the wedding:

Locked out Of Heaven

They Dont Know About us

Love Story

A thousand Years

Next to you

As Long As You Love ME

Just the way you are

You dont know you're beautiful

Kiss you

No Air

Sexy Love

Remember the Time

Sparks Fly

She will be loved


Ready Or Not


Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Call Me Maybe

Nothing Like Us

Beauty and a Beat

Catching Fealings


Hall of Fame

Hit the Lights

A Year Without Rain

Love You Like a Love Song

It Girl

Love Me Like You Do

One Love


Sexy and I know It

I know what you're thinking...yes, we did play Selena Gomez at our wedding. I thought that they were romantic songs so I picked them. They're nothing personal. Sone of the songs were requests. As you probably know I was the one who chose all the Justin Bieber songs. What can I say???? haha

They're were so many wedding gifts that we got from everyone. every single person brought was amazing. We got stuff we could use in our house like a blender, a rug, a chandelier, a $500gift card to Mattress King, and a $10,000 gift card to the Furniture Row! 

We had cake and danced some more. People gave speeches about Justin and I wishing a happy life together. It was so sweet. Then around 8 everyone started leaving. This was an amazing day and I will never forget it! 

Justin talked to his mom a little after everyone left. I was talking to my mom, and I am guessing our parents were talking to both of us about the same thing. 

"Elizabeth. I am so happy for you! I hope this day is everything that you wanted it to be and BETTER. And congrats on the baby." my mom said to me

"Thanks mom. I am so thankful for having you in my life. You and dad got along really well tonight."

"We knew it was important for us to get along here. This is an important day and we didn't want to ruin it for you."

"I really appreciate it. This day was by far the best day of my life."  Justin came up behind me and grabbed my hips and kissed my neck.

"So where are you guys going for your honey moon?" Pattie asked

"That's a surprise." Justin said. "She doesn't even know yet. " I am really excited about this honey moon. I have no idea what it is but I know it will be good. "We aren't leaving until late tomorrow, like 8 pm tomorrow."

"Great. Have fun you too. We will see you when you get back." Mom said

"Ok. Love you Guys!!!" Justin and I said

They walked out and we watched them drive away. Little Jazzy and Jaxon were so adorable tonight. 

"So what do we do now?" I asked kissing Justin on the cheek

"I have a surprise for you."  Justin grabbed my hand and took me to the car. We drove to a spot with a great view of the Eiffel Tower. We pulled into a dark area and Justin picked me up bridal style. He hardly walked anywhere. I heard a door open.

"Welcome to our new  getaway." Justin said turning on the lights. 

"Oh My God!!!! What is this?" Justin put me down and I kissed him.

"This is our vacation home." he took my hand and gave me a tour of the building. It was a big house, but not a quarter as big as Justin's. There was 2 floors. It was a beautiful house  that was already furnished and painted. On the wall there was a painting that said "Welcome Mr and Mrs Bieber."

"I love you SOOOOOOOO much Justin, you have no idea!" 

"I'm glad you like it. It's been a long day. Lets get some rest." Justin picked me up again and carried me to a room upstairs with a huge bed where we could sleep. TODAY IS THE BBBBBEEEESSSSSTTTTT DDDDAAAAYYYY EEEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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