One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


37. Austin

Justin POV

"Oh my gosh i am a huge fan!!!! This is so surreal!!"  Eli shreiked as my face began to turn red.

"A lot of things are, but nothing compares to meeting a gorgeous lady like yourself." Austin said.

"Uh...." I began to say.

"Justin, it's ok. He's just being nice." Elizabeth tried to say to get me to calm down.

"A little too nice if you ask me. Look Austin, I appreciate you being nice and all, but you have to realize that Eli is ME." I explained

Austin chuckled.

"Don't worry Justin. I know my place and i really was just being nice and trying to make friend. Plus i have no chance against you." Austin giggled. "Believe it or not, it was really hard for me to make friends as a kid. Even now I'm not sure if people just like me because i'm famous or if they actually like me."

"Wow dude, I had no idea. I'm sorry for being so....weird." I appoligized. I was still a little fired up that he was sorta flirting, but he's a nice guy and he deserves a chance.

"It's cool. So when do we start the concert?" He asked

"Uh it starts at 7 but we need to be there a little early to rehearse and meet the fans before the show."

"Man, I adore how much you love your fans."

"Nah man, they're not fans, they're beliebers." I smiled.

"My bad. Haha. You must love them."

"I really do, but not as much as I love this girl over here." I grabbed Eli and hugged her tight. I had the biggest smile on my face. I really do love her more than anything.

"Awww you guys are too perfect."

"No, that's only Elizabeth." I kissed her with a smile on my face.

"I love you Justin." Eli smiled.

"I love you more baby." I gave her another kiss.

"Uh well i'm just gunna go talk to Scooter and leave you guys to your stuff." Austin giggled as he left the room.

I continued to kiss Elizabeth. I can't believe we still have  two months until i can do stuff with her. This really sucks.

Elizabeth pulled away and looked at me and giggled.

"What?" i asked

"I think i messed up my lipstick."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because it's all over your face." She giggled.

I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. There was red lipstick all over my lips.

"Look at what you did." I laughed

"That was all you mister kissy kiss."

"How long has this been on my face?"

"Uh...ever since Austin walked in."

"And you didnt tell me."

"No, I thought it was cute."

"No wonder why Austin was laughing at me. I look like a girl."

"No you don't. It makes you look like you love me enough to wear my lipstick all over your face. Only a real man is willing to embarrass himself for his woman."

"I do love you, even if i have to walk around with your lipstick on my face."

"Speaking of which, what was with you."
"What do you mean?"

"You were really protective."

"No I wasn't. I was showing you off."

"Uhuh sure. That's what it looked like when you were clentching your fists."

"Ok, so i was a little jealous but only because i saw the way your face lit up when he walked in."

"It's exciting meeting celebrities. I would have freaked out just as much if it were Taylor Swift or Zendaya.


"Yes baby."

"I love you, you know that right?"

"Of course. And I love you more."

"It's adorable that you think that's possible." I laugh

"It is possible. I was willing to carry your baby."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"Oh, so you would like to carry a baby in your stomach for nine months including the nausea, gas, uncomfortableness, and lack of sleep."

"I couldn't have a baby even if I wanted to, and after hearing that, I would rather not."

"That's what I thought."

I washed the lipstick off of my face and followed Eli into the bedroom. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close to me.

"I'm sorry for being a douche. I love wearing your lipstick and I appreciate you going through that hell to carry our baby."

"You do?"

"Of course I do."

She smiles at me and wraps her arms around my neck. 

"What flavor lip gloss is that?" I ask

"Uhh... grape I believe.  Why?"

"It smells good."

"You want some?"

"yeah." I bite my lip. Elizabeth removes her arms from around my neck and digs in her purse to find her grape lip gloss. She pulls out a small bottle and hands it to me.

"This isn't what I meant."

"What did you mean?" She grins.  She knows exactly what I mean.

"I mean this."

I pulled her in close and took in the sweet smell of her grape gloss before I kiss her. Her gloss tastes amazing and I never want to stop kissing her. Her lips are so soft.

She pulls away and flashes a smile.
"I think you've had enough."

"Not even close." I grab her face and continue to kiss her. Just then Scooter walks into the room

"We have a show to put on, so if you two are done, the fans are waiting."


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