One Love

Justin and Elizabeth have been dating for a year and they are finally getting married. What future awaits? Read and find out! (Sequel to Fall...if you haven't read it you won't understand this!)


1. Paris

Recap: Justin and Elizabeth met and a Justin Bieber conert where Eli was chosen as the OLLG. He invited her backstage and from that day on they have been madly in love. Justin purposed and they flew out to Canada (a Valentines Day gift from Eli to Justin) where they stayed with Justin's grandparents. They are now on a jet to Paris for their wedding.

Justin POV

"We are here." I said to Eli waking her up

"Wow, did i sleep the entire time?"

"Most of it, you got up once to go pee." I giggled

"So when do we land?"

"In ten minutes. Do you think you will be ready in ten minutes?" I asked

"Yeah, I will be right back." she got up to get dressed and I slapped her butt. She went into the bathroom to get changed, so i changed too. When she came out she looked adorable!

"Who tought you how to look that good?" i said eyeballing her up and down

"You did!"

"Oh, right!"

"Are we landed yet?"

"Any minute now!"

"We are now landing, now landing. Please hold onto something and stand where you are!" the pilot said over the innercom

"Guess so." I said giving her a kiss and hugging her tightly

"What are you doing?"

"He said hold on to something."


I held on to her tightly. As the wheels of the plane hit the ground we shook slightly, still holding on to eachother.

"The jet has landed. The doors should be unlocked, you are free to leave."

We listened to the anouncement, but i never let go of her.

"Justin, you can let go now."

"I know. I don't want to."

"Come on. Take my hand. We still have to get our luggage off the jet."

"Fine." I moped.

I helped Eli get the luggage and rolled it out into the car. As soon as everything was packed up in the car we drove to the hotel. We checked in and walked to our room, bringing 3 suitcases with us.

"Wow!" she said as we opened the door to the hotel room. "This room is nothing like what we have in California."

"I'm guessing that's a compliment." a woman said from behind us talking in her French accent. "I am your room maid. Whenever you need me I will be here. There is a special button on your room telephone that you can contact me from.If you need my assistance just press the button."

"Oh, that's really Glice!" Eli joked

"Haha very funny." I said. "Merci." I said to the maid.

"You speak French?"

"Of course I do. My ancestors are French immagrants who moved to Canada."

"Eh bien, je me réjouis de travailler pour vous justin bieber."

"Vous savez qui je suis?"

"tout le monde fait. Vous êtes vraiment célèbre ici"

"et merci encore pour votre aide. Je l'apprécie vraiment"

"Chaque fois que Justin"

Elizabeth looked at me with big eyes.

"I didn't know you spoke french that well."

"Je t'aime"


"It means I love you in French. "

"Aww, jet me an or whatever you said." (her attempt to say i love you in french)

"Haha, nice try. We will work on it later. So do you wunna go sight seeing? You know, see the spot where we will get married."

"Sure. I'm ready when you are."

"Ok, lets go." I picked her up bridal stye and carried her to the car. We drove off down the streets not knowing where we were going. I saw the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room, so I knew it was around here somwhere. After 15 minutes of just driving around I figured out how to get the the Eiffel Tower. I found a spot to park and we got out, took eachother's hands, and looked up at the tower. This is where we would be getting married...under the Eiffel Tower. I looked at Eli who looked so beautiful in the morning sun light. Her face had a certain glow to it, one I had never seen before.

"So this is it?" she asked

"Yepp, this is where we are getting married."

"I love it. You could have never picked a better place. It's so beautiful. The grass, the flowers, the tower standing above our heads. It's perfect!"

"I'm so glad you like it."

"I love it."

I led her to the grass and pulled out a basket from behind my back.

"What's that for?"

"We are having a picnic."

"That's sweet." I pulled out a blanket and layed it on the grass. I dug in the basket to look for the sandwiches i made on the plane while Eli was asleep. We sat and ate and jumped around in the grass. Around 2:30 we left to go back to the hotel and make final arrangements for the wedding. We called the church that the Reception would be held at to make sure our reservation was recorded. The only thing that we are a little worried about is that my mom has Eli's dresses for the wedding, so hopefully they don't forget it.

Everything seems good. We just hung out until the sky turned dark and the clock stroke 9.











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