Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


15. Uh, oh

That night rolled by faster than I could keep up.

Harry stood in my room while Marie did my hair. I was already in my dress, which was light blue. It was very old-fashioned, since it was belonged to my grandmother. The straps were wide, almost wide enough to be cap-sleeved.  My white gloves were pulled up past my elbows,  covering most of my mark. Only a little bit of it showed, but good thing the purple matched the blue.  My hair was curled, then thrown into a pony tail over my shoulder. Taylor was working on my make-up while Abbie tried to talk Harry into coming. Harry wouldn't have it, though.

"Ah, give it a rest, Abbie," I shooed at her. "I'll be okay. Besides, you promised that you'll keep an eye on me, considering that I'm the only human that is going to be there,"

"I know," Abbie agreed. "But I just want to be sure you're safe. Vampires are very seductive, you know,"

"I know," I said, rolling my eyes. I glanced up at the clock. The dance started in twenty minutes. "Girls, I think we need to be going,"

"I'll see you ladies later," Marie said. "You girls keep my Cassidy safe,"

"We will, Ms. Maycomb," Taylor replied.

"Call me Marie!" she called as we closed the door. Soon the door opened back up, and Harry ran out. He scooped me up in his arms and kissed me. I melted into his arms and kissed him back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in.

He pulled away. "You look very beautiful," He squeezed my hand and I blushed. "Have fun, Cassidy. I'll pick you up at eleven, okay?"

I smiled, nodding. "Of course,"

Taylor cleared her throat, and I turned around. She gave me the let's go look, and I turned back and kissed Harry's cheek. I went with Taylor and Abbie, who were both laughing and giddy with excitement.

You know, Harry is so much happier now that he'd met you?" Taylor noted.

Abbie agreed. "Yeah, he's a lot more....tamed. You've changed him in ways that you don't even understand," I nodded. I'd been told by many people that I'd changed him, but no one would tell me that he'd changed because of me.

When we pulled up to the school, the walkway lit up. I smiled and got out, and Taylor and Abbie followed me. After we paid for our tickets, we walked in and started to dance. Many of our conversations turned to how handsome all of the men looked, and we judged the other girls' dresses.

"Her dress is so......trampy," Taylor noted.

I looked in the direction that she was staring. "I think she looks pretty," I defended. The girl was wearing a knee-length red dress. It shimmered in the dance lights, and a silver stripe went down diagonally across her front. Her shoulders were bare because her dress was strapless. With her honey blonde hair thrown over her shoulder, I gave her a mental stamp of approval.

"Honey, in the vampire world, that's trampy," Abbie agreed with Taylor.

I scrunched my eyebrows. "I still think she's pretty," I argued.

"Whatever," they said simultaneously.

I laughed. "Hey, I'll be right back," They both nodded, and I walked off toward the bathroom. I swung the door open and walked over to sink. My face was sweaty, my makeup starting to run. I patted the running mascara from the corner of my eyes and tossed it away. I took in a deep breath. As much as I wished Harry was there, I could have fun. I could do it. I could do it. Patting my dress down and taking a deep breath, I walked out.

"Look who's all by herself," I heard behind me.

Oh my God, no.


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