Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


6. Things Best Unheard

I walked into the school, playing nervously with the ponytail that held my hair back. I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following me, and there was no doubt in my mind that someone was. A couple of boys walked up to me; one was a lanky boy, head to toe in tattoos, and blonde hair, while the other was smaller, more muscular, with less tattoos. The lanky boy scared me a bit, but not any more than Mark did.   "Are you Cassidy?" the lanky boy asked. I nodded my head slowly, hoping he would take my answer. He laughed a bit. "Harry warned us that she would be a quiet one," he noted, poking the other one in the shoulder. The muscular boy laughed.   "I'm Liam," the muscular boy said, holding out a hand. I reached out and grabbed it, knowing that he would be able to protect me, along with the lanky boy, whom I presumed to be--   "Damien," he interrupted my thoughts, reaching his hand out as well. I took it, and shook it lightly.   "So you're the boys that Harry told me about?" I asked quietly.   Liam nodded. "You don't have to worry about Mark anymore, Cassidy. He literally does this with every new person in the school. Harasses them into either joining his side, or facing the consequences," He huffed, taking in a deep breath.    "You're a special case, on the other hand," Damien started. "See, you're human. We haven't had a human attend this school since it started forty years ago. Now that you are here, Mark's made it his special mission to get rid of you."   I shuddered slightly. "Why does he want me so badly?"   "Its a strange case of bloodlust," Liam answered. "Its not a wonder he didn't get to you before Harry did. He was always one to smell out fresh blood before anyone else could,"   The bell rang just as he finished the thought, leaving us to meander to my first class. As I recalled Harry saying, they were suppose to show me to my classes, since he failed to do so yesterday.    "We'll be behind you, but we're not going to always be at your side, seeing as we've got our own classes to be attending to," Liam stated. "Do you understand?"   I could only nod. Nervousness shook through me. How was I suppose to defend myself against the people that I didn't know inside those four walls?   Liam walked me to AP Biology (Damien had to get to his engineering class fast) and gave me the map of the school. “Your first three cores are relatively close together. This map will show you there. I’ll meet you after third, okay?”   I nodded my head. “I’ll see  you then, I guess,”   He nodded once then turned to leave. I took in a deep breath and walked in. My face came in contact with someone’s chest, making me bounce back.   “Well, look at who it is,” an all-too-familiar voice sneered. I looked up to see…Mark. “Hello, Cassidy,”   “Leave me alone, Mark,” I spat at him, trying to get passed him. He stepped in my way, though. “Let me by!” I shouted at him. Damn, already making enemies, are we? I thought to myself.   He smirked and stepped aside, letting me get to the teacher. The man, who looked maybe in his twenties, looked up at me, and gave me a soft grin.    “Hello, you must be miss Cassidy Maycomb,” he greeted, standing up and extending a hand. I took it, giving it a light shake.   “That would be me,” I answered, making him smile.   “And you’re human, I see,” he added like it was part of normal conversation. I only nodded in answer, not wanting too many other people to know that I would be the only human to be attending this school since its creation.     "Anyway, I'm gonna place you..." He looked around the room, trying to find an empty seat. There was one next to...oh God no. "Mark, you'll give miss Cassidy a proper greeting, correct?"   Mark gave a smug grin, and nodded. "Of course, Mr. Pannell. Cassidy has nothing to worry about sitting beside me,"   Mr. Pannell gave a smile. "I'm trusting you, Mark. You've had a questionable reputation with new students in my class. I'm expecting a change,"   Mark only nodded. I groaned internally and went to sit down beside him. Before he could make any moves I held up a finger.   "Before you do anything, let me just tell you about myself: I'm Cassidy, I don't like you. You tried to attack me last week, in want for my blood. That, in turn, got Harry suspended for three days. You know what happens, right? If you do anything to me, I only have to tell his best friends, who have sworn to keep me safe from you in his absense. Do I agree with having security for the entirity of the three days he will be away? Not particularly. But if it keeps your nasty hands off of me, I will gladly have body guards to protect me.   "Now here are the rules I'm laying down: we only talk during group assignments, and not a moment more than we have to. You are not to bother me, because I know what you want, and I won't let you have it. Like I said, I don't like you Mark. And you haven't given me a reason to so far. Give me a reason, and we'll see what happens,"   The bell rang for class to start. My little lecture shut him up for the class. When the bell finally rang again, I stood up quickly and darted out the door, map in hand. Liam was right; my next class wasn't all the far. The Statistics class was right next door, and thank the lord that Mark wasn't there. I don't think I could handle another hour of Mark. After that class, that's when I had to handle him again.   On my way to third, there was a sudden force that pushed against me, throwing me up against the locker.   "Hey! What the hell is the biggest ide--" It was Mark again. "What do you want, Mark?"   Before he could get his answer out, Liam and Damien came to the rescue. Damien pulled Mark away from me, and Liam pulled me aside.    "Go," Liam said, nodding his head toward my next class.    I nodded quickly and scurried along, only to hide behind some nearby lockers. There was no missing this coversation.   I heard someone push Mark up against the lockers. I took a peak and found it to be Damien.   Damien: Look, you know better! Harry’s had her claimed since the first day, why do you keep coming after her!   Mark: he’s using her for the wrong reasons. Humans were made to be fed on, not to be loved.   Damien:  YOU WERE ONCE HUMAN so you know better than to think that. Some vampire could have come after you. And we ALL know what happened for you to get this way.   Mark: yeah and I completely resent her for it, too.   Liam: but you’re a vampire now so you may as well accept it and move on. You know that Cassidy is Harry’s; he’s said this from the first day she got here.   Mark: but she’s not a toy; she can’t be claimed.   I heard things go silent. I looked back to find Liam looking back at me. My face flushed.  There were things said that I shouldn't have heard. I ran off, head lowered, hoping they couldn't see me. If I couldn't see them, they wouldn't know I was there.   I was in uber trouble.   Something Damien said had caught my attention, though, and it bugged me. What did he mean that I was claimed? Maybe he was just saying that to keep Mark off of my back.   That was it. It had to be that reason.
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