Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


14. Let's Dance

Winter fell over Holmes Chapel soon enough, and Christmas was coming. The snow fell gracefully on the ground just like the leaves did in the fall. What also fell was whatever friendship--or, actually, space-filling-ship--I had with Mark.

Mark and his gang started to get aggressive. Only once had someone in the group pointed out my markings, and Harry made sure that no one ever saw them again. Thank God it was cold outside; it'd be hard to try and explain why I was wearing long sleeves in the summer.  He never stops bothering me about the marks on my arm. I ignored him, and went about my day with Harry.

On December 10th, a week before winter vacation, news flew around the school that the library club was hosting a Christmas dance. Harry thought that I should go, but opted to stay behind.

"Why don't you want to go?" I asked him, poking his cheek.

"I don't really like dances," he admitted. "I didn't like them in my human life, and I don't like them now. That fact about me didn't change when I did,"

I laughed. "Oh, just come. This one time,"

He shook his head. "You go. Have some fun,"

"Are  you sure?"

"Of course," he answered.

We'd been sitting outside for a while, just enjoying each other's company. When the wind blew harshly, Harry would hold me tightly until it stopped. He was unnaturally warm, seeing as he was a vampire.  The snow started to fall, and I reached out to grab one. It fell into my hand, but soon melted away.

"I love it when snow does that," he noted.

"Why do you say that?" I asked him.

"Each snowflake is like a moment in life. It's only here for a short while,"

I was surprised. "That's deep, Harry. In the five months we've known each other, I've never heard such a thing out of you,"

He shrugged. "It happens every now and then,"

I laughed , standing up. "I'm going in. You coming along?"

He stood up. "Of course,"

He grabbed my hands and followed behind me. We went in to find hot cocoa ready for us. Marie smiled, bringing some cookies over to us. We thanked her and took the drinks upstairs.

"So you'll be going to the dance, and I'll be staying behind," Harry repeated.

I sighed. "If that's what you want,"

"Of course," He leaned in and pecked my lips. "I want you to have some fun. Forget about the fact that we're hiding our relationship from the counsel. Forget that we're on the brink of persecution, and just have some fun. Make it a night to remember,"

"Are you sure you don't want to go?" I asked again.

He smiled. "I'm positive,"

A few days passed, and the dance came quickly. That whole day, girls were running around, too giddy about a Christmas dance to keep still. Some would ask me if I were going just out of curiosity.

"Of course," I'd answer. "I never miss a good dance,"

"Are you taking anyone special?" A new friend, Taylor, asked.

I shook my head, to their disappointment. "Harry's convinced himself that I'd have more fun without him,"

Another new friend, Abbie, asked, "Why would he think that?"

I shrugged. "He doesn't like dances,"

They pouted. "That's such buzz kill," Taylor pointed out.

"Hey, don't, complain. At least I'm coming," I stated.

"Whatever," Abbie dismissed, rolling her eyes. "I wish he'd come, though. He's so much fun to party with,"

I laughed. "I know. He's just fun," I saw Harry walk toward our friend group. "Speak of the devil," I announced.

"Hey," he said defensively. He covered his heart in mock pain. I laughed, and he stuck out his tongue, sitting down beside me.

"So why aren't you going to the dance?" Abbie asked him.

"I don't like dances," he answered.

"What if something happened to Cassidy?" Taylor asked.

Harry pouted, looking very guilty that he had chosen long ago that he wasn't going. I rose up to defend him.

"Don't guilt trip him," I defended. "I'll be okay. Hell, I'll even bring pepper spray on my key chain if that's what he wants,"

"I do," he chimed in.

Taylor and Abbie didn't look impressed. At any rate, though, they let it go.

"We'll take care of her, Harry," Taylor said.

"Sorry we guilt tripped you," Abbie apologized. "We were just looking at the possibilities, considering she'll be the only human there--"

"--And marked!" Taylor interrupted.

Oh yeah. I hadn't thought of that. "I'll wear elbow-high gloves. It won't completely cover it, but it should, for the most part, cover,"

The bell rang, and we all went our separate ways. The thought wouldn't leave my mind, though.

What happened if I get hurt while I'm at the dance?


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