Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


16. Just Kidding!

"Mark," I whispered.

An almost demonic laugh erupted from him. His hand ran up my shoulder, a finger tangling in my hair. "Hello, Cassidy,"

"Why are you doing this?" I whimpered. Where were Taylor and Abbie?

"Why?" he repeated. He let out another evil laugh. "Oh, do you remember how much I've wanted you dead?" I shakily nodded. The realization clicked in my mind, and my fate became clear to me.

"Why do you want me dead so desperately?"

"I want you dead..." he began. He paused for a second to think. During that time, his gang came in and started to circle around me. One ran a finger through my hair, and another slid his hand down my side. I tried to slink away, but another grabbed me to hold me still. The first one grabbed my head and held it high, exposing my neck. The second one held my arms behind my back in a way that propped my breasts out. Nasty perverts. "I want you dead because there cannot be a human at this school,"

My blood boiled. "Segregation? You want me dead because I'm different? How selfish is that?"

He got close to my face. "I want you dead for the very reason you pointed out in biology. If you remember correctly, vampires are superior, and humans are...."

"Inferior," I squeaked out. Fate was drawing itself in front of me. I closed my eyes, preparing for my impending doom.

A laugh escaped his lips, but only a little bit. The smell of his breath was rancid; it was very evident that he had fed recently. I slowly opened my eyes to find them leveled with his. The color of his eyes were a dark mauve, red with blood, darkened with lust. It was evident that he had fed recently, and that he was going to feed again.

On me.

He patted my head lightly and stepped back. "I won't be hurting you today." He rounded up his boys and they left. Just like that. My hands started to shake uncontrollably. I ran down the hall that went back to the dance floor.

What the hell was that? Why would Mark just set me up for death, only to leave me alive? I was completely prepared for this to happen. If he wanted me dead, why would he do that?

As I rounded the corner, I saw the snack table wide open. I ran to it quickly, eyeing a cup of punch. That was what I needed. I picked it up with a shaky hand.

Just as the cup touched my lips, a shout rang out.



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