Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


3. Just 'Cause I'm Human


“Hey, I’m going to get something to eat. Do you want anything?” Harry asked.

“I’ll just have what you’re getting,” I answered, messing with the thread on my jacket. I honestly didn’t want him getting things for me. He didn’t need to lord over me. I was a big girl.

“So, a bloody mary milkshake?” he laughed.

My eyes widened. “Please tell me you’re talking about the alcoholic drink?” I turned to see him smiling, letting his small fangs be shown in full. Oh, God, he wasn’t kidding. “Oh my god, no, Harry. Strawberry’s fine.”

He laughed and slung a heavy arm around me, pulling me close. “Do you want anything else?”  he asked.

I was about to protest at his question when my stomach rumbled. Harry looked down at my stomach and laughed. My cheeks turned a dark shade of red.

“So, cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake. Correct?”

I smiled up at him. “If you don’t mind,”

“I don’t,” he said. “I love taking care of people,” He poked my cheek. I let out a whine, making him stifle a laugh. “Do you want to come with me? Or stay here?’

I thought about this for a moment. What would be the greatest benefit of going? Well, obviously being with him and learning more about him. But I really didn’t want him to tell me more about himself.

Somethings I just wanted to learn on my own.

“I’d rather stay,” I told him plainly. “There are a couple of things I want to do in the library,”

“Are you sure?” he asked with concern.

“I’m very sure,” I assured him. “I’ll be careful and safe, especially in the library. I’m positive the librarian has taken a liking to me,”

He smiled. “She’s such a sweet lady,” He wrapped his arms around me, leaving me to stand there awkwardly. “I’ll be back in a little bit,”

“Okay, Harry,” I said. “Bye,”

He waved and left. I made my way back to the library. The librarian welcomed me with a warm smile. I settled into a comfy bean bag chair and read while Harry was getting food. A few minutes later the aroma of french fries filled the air. I looked up to find Harry standing at the door, bag in hand.

“I hope McDonald’s is okay,” he said, a sweet smile on his face.

“Its perfect,” I stood up and went over to him, grabbing the bag from his hand. “Thank you, Harry. You really didn’t have to do this,”

He huffed. “I know, but I wanted to, so its okay,”

I smiled at him. “You’re way too sweet. Now, let’s go find someplace to sit,”

“With pleasure,”

Eventually we settled on eating in that same hallway, Harry on one side, myself on the opposite wall.  I immediately dug into the food, being newly aware of just how hungry I was. He sat over there and just laughed, sipping his bloody mary. I looked over at him with squinted eyes.

“Do not laugh at me, turd,” I spat, biting into my burger. “I’m human so it happens,”

He shook his head. “You’re crazy,”

We sat and ate, idly chatting about everything under the sun. Everything from how my mother died to how one time he got arrested for something so stupid.  Suddenly someone came up and kicked my smoothie splashing it everywhere. On instinct I screamed, curling up in a ball.

“Well well, isn’t it the human and Harry?” An all-too-familiar voice laughed evilly. I peeked up to find the person I didn’t want to see.


I looked over at Harry, who looked like he was about to explode.

Which he did.

While his next actions took place, I rocked back and forth in my ball, singing a small choir song I learned at my old school.

Then, a hand was placed on my shoulder. I flinched, going tighter into the fetal position. 

“Cass, its okay,” I heard a soothing voice say. I look up to find Harry, kneeling down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me. “I’ll keep you safe. You’re always safe.”

“What happened?” I asked him.

He looked at me like he didn’t want to tell, like I should have seen it to believe it. But, he went on with his story.

“Let’s just say I beat him and his buddies really hard,” he sugar-coated.

“No, I want to know what happened,” I said again. “Like, every detail. And, I want to know why I got so scared of him, that I’d ball up. I’ve NEVER cowered like that before. I’ve always faced my problems, but I’ve never just given up and balled up like I did,”

The look on his face said he still didn’t want to tell. “Maybe over dinner we can  talk about it,”

I nodded in agreement. “You can come to my place,” I offered. “But only if you want to,”

He smiled. “That would be an honor, Cassidy. BUT I feel like it would be easier to come to my house. I know what I can eat, and I can get an alternative for you,”

“That’s actually a great idea,” I agreed. I mentally did a facepalm. Why hadn’t I thought about that? “So, tomorrow night?”

“I’ll pick you up at six, if you think that will give you plenty of time to get ready,”

I smirked. “Are you insinuating that I’m going to take forever?”

He fought hard to hold back the grin forming on his face. “That’s exactly what I’m saying,” He laughed and hugged me, just as the bell rang, ending the day. Huh, wait a second.

“Is school over?” I asked him.

He nodded. “We end at one, not three,”

Made sense.

I only nodded. I went to leave, turning back to wave at him. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, then, Harry,”

“Bye, Cassidy,” he smiled, showing his fangs to me again.

What a strange place this is.

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