Scarlett Red

There were two things I knew of for certain:
1. This school was not a normal school
2. I wasn't making it out without sacrificing something.
What I didn't know, though, was who would get me to that point.
All I had was Harry. Was that enough?
*Harry's NOT famous in this*


9. It's Not Your Fault


I stared at Harry in bewilderment. “Have you really killed someone?”

He gave no answer, only shaking his head. I don’t think he was denying anything. At least, neither me nor him. I feel like he was denying the fact that he had let this dark secret slip from his lips. 

“What happened?” I asked, going over to sit beside him. I instinctly wrapped and arm around him and pulled him in. I wasn’t sure what came over me, but whatever he was hiding from me was weighing him down.

He shook his head again. “Can we go for a walk?” he asked.

I nodded and stood up, grabbing my coat. He stood up as well, and followed me out. I told Marie that we were going for a walk. She wasn’t very content with the decision, but reasoned that she couldn’t really stop me.

Harry and I walked for some distance, before stopping under an oak tree. For some reason, I always found that an oak tree was where the truth was always told, or where great things were found.

“Okay, so I suppose I owe you an explanation—”

“Suppose?” I asked.

“Don’t interrupt,” he said coldly. “If I’m going to tell you, I need to get it all out at once,”

I nodded. “Sorry, Harry,”

“It’s okay,” He took a deep breath. “Basicallyshewasmybestfriendandtherewasamajoraccidentanditendedupkillingher,” he rushed out quickly.

“Wait, hold on, slow down,” I said. “Can you repeat that?”

He huffed. “I don’t like talking about it,” he said, hanging his head, like it was a shame.

“Then we won’t talk about it—”

“No!” he said quickly. “I need to say it. It really explains a lot,” I smiled, letting him know that he should continue. “Basically, I had a best friend. Her name was Sarea, and she was honestly the best person in my life. No offense,”

“None taken,” 

“Anyway, this had happen just a few weeks after I was turned. I mean, it was enough time to figure out exactly what had changed, except for the fact that I was drinking blood now,”

That thought still made my stomach churn a bit.

“It was October 22, 2010. I was walking back from the bakery, where I worked. I saw Sarea talking to a guy on the sidewalk a few hundred meters up. From the outside, he looked like me; he was definitely a vampire. Did Sarea know what she was dealing with? I don’t know. I never got to ask her.

“When I got closer, I realized they were in a quarrel. Something was up. I ran over to her and broke them up, and saw that it was too late….that she’d been bit,” He blinked a few times, maybe holding back tears. “And, I tried to help. But it was too late. She’d died. He’d taken a lot of blood, and there wasn’t enough in her system for the sting from his bite to spread through the bloodstream,”

“But how did you kill someone?” I asked.

“Oh, I ended up killing the man. I had so much strength at that point from adrenaline and animalistic instict that I attacked a ripped him to shreds!”

His hands were shaking so much that it was noticeable. I grabbed them in my hands and ran my thumbs over his fingers.

“Don’t work yourself up over a man that killed your best friend,” I whispered. The color of his eyes were a dark, forest green. One I hadn’t seen before. Not out of him. Usually he shined like emeralds.

I’d officially seen a side of him that I didn’t know I wanted to see.

He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. “That’s where you come in. The reason why I act so protective around you is in hopes that if you ever got in trouble with anything at all that I could have a do over with you, to make up for not saving….Sarea,”

I wrapped my arms around him quickly. I squeezed tight into him. “It’s okay, Harry. You don’t have to make up for it. I’m sure she wouldn’t want that,”

He shook his head. “I just can’t let it go,”

I pulled back. “But you have to, Harry. There’s no reason not to. The past is the past. Let’s keep it that way,”

He smiled. He hugged me tight. “Thanks, Cassidy,”

“You’re welcome,” I pulled away. I looked up at the sky. It was dark, clouded over, heavy with impending rain. I saw a streak of lightning spark over the sky.

“We should go,” Harry stated.

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