Eleanor Calder's Twin

Hi, I'm Chloe Calder. Recognise my surname, yep Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, spot on. Having a twin dating a member of the biggest boy band in the world is sometimes tough. I don't have a movie start lifestyle and get to go on tour with them. I don't date one of them or go to all of there concerts. I have a normal life, well I try to to...


8. 8


I soon heard Harry and Louis leave and I knew I could come out of hiding. I made my way slowly out of my bedroom, making my way over to the kitchen. When inside the kitchen I found the buscuit tin and starated shoving my face with buscuits.

"You know you should really make more of an effort with Harry," Eleanor sighed walking into the kitchen.

"I'm good," I replied, my mouth full of buscuits.

"He likes you," She smiled.

"And he thinks I like hime as well," I sighed, hoping of the kitchen work surface which I was sat on befroe.

"And you clearly do," She laughed.

"No, I don't," I stated, walking into the living room. I felt her shadow followliing me.

"Great looks, great personality," She listed. "What's not to like about Harry Styles?" She asked.

"If you love him so much, why don't you date him?" i asked, staring at the TV screen and not her.

"Because if you havn't already relised I'm dating Louis," She replied.

"Umm...yeah, I think I guessed that," I laughed.

"Ok, if you hate One Direction so much..." she started.

"I didn't say that," I sighed.

"Let's have a whole night not thinking, not talking about One Direction," She smiled.

"Now that I can do," i laughed.

"We can both invite one freind each and have a girly night in," She smiled before picking up her phone and dialling a number.

"Hey Emma, get your ass over her," She laughed before hanging up.

"Always good to take the nice approach eh?" i said.

She giggled. I dialled Jane's number and put the phone to my ear.

"Hey jane, do you wanna come over for a girly night in?" I asked.

"Sorry, can't I'm going out on a date," She said down the phone line.

"Who with?" I asked.

"Harry, he called back and asked me out," She said, I could almost see the smile on her face.

"Ok, another time, bye," I said, befroe hanging up.

"Just me, you, Emma, jane and some wine," Eleanor giggled.

"Although Jane can't come," i said.

"Why not?" El asked.

"She out on a date with Harry," i smiled.

"Why are you smiling?You are meant to be close to tears," She said., before dialling a number into her phone.

"Harry, you asshole, what the hell are you doing! That is not a good enough accuse, she is crying right now. Do you relise what you are doing.You are frinking breaking her heart," She yelled down the phone before hanging up.

Just then my phone lit up alreting me I had a new text. It was from Harry.

"You gave him my number?" I asked.

"What does it say?" She asked, grabbing my phone of me.

"Oh, he did not just say that!" She shouted.


Authors note:

Clifhanger! I wonder what the text says! I wonder what Eleanor replys! Jokes I don't need to wonder, I know. You guys can wonder! ha! Please can you guys check out my new movella 'The story of Lizzie McGeorge', it would mean a lot to me, thanks x

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