Eleanor Calder's Twin

Hi, I'm Chloe Calder. Recognise my surname, yep Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, spot on. Having a twin dating a member of the biggest boy band in the world is sometimes tough. I don't have a movie start lifestyle and get to go on tour with them. I don't date one of them or go to all of there concerts. I have a normal life, well I try to to...


6. 6



I woke up the next morning and sighed knowing it was a Monday. Unlike Eleanor I work for my money. 

I changed into some jeans and a hoodie and pulled my hair into a messy pony tail. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a mug, amazing myself a cup of tea.

"Morning Chloe," Louis smiled, walking into the kitchen in his pyjamas and bad bed hair. 

He practically lived here, I don't see why he didn't just move in.

"Morning," I smiled.

"Can you make that two teas?" He asked.

"Nope, I gotta get going to work," I said, sipping my hot tea.

"they haven't fired you yet?" He laughed.

"funny," I replied, drowning my practically burning tea and grabbed my bag on the way out the door. 

I closed the front door behind me, zipping up my jacket as it was pretty chilly. I clipped my helmet onto my head and climbed onto my bike. Work was about a 10 minute cycle and I got there fairly quickly. 

"Morning Chloe," Jane smiled at me as I entered the children's section.

I'm a till lady at a book store. Problem?  

I dumped my bad behind the counter and pinned my name tag onto my hoodie. Chloe Calder. I had such a boring name. I sat on a child size stall behind the counter and waited for a customer. Unfortunately, the book store was barley ever visited. 

I got bored after about 20 minutes and started to play on my phone. I played on temple run for the next 10 minutes until I heard the bell ring, warning us we had a customer. I decided I would play temple run until I died and then serve the customer. 

"Excuse me, do you know we're I would find Chloe Calder?" A voice said, they weren't talking to me. Probably Jane. I didn't look up as I didn't recognise the voice.

"right over there," Jane said.

"thanks," The voice replied.

I heard footsteps coming closer, but I kept my head down and staring at my phone. I had already died, but oh we'll.

"Hey Chloe," The voice said in a friendly tone. 

I looked up, it wasn't some random stalker. It was just Harry.

"hi Harry, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"just though you might need some company," He smiled. I knew Eleanor had set him up to this, that's what she wanted, for us to become close.

"We'll sorry, but I'm kinda busy," I said coldly. 

"Oh yeah, the que goes back for miles," He laughed.

"So, you came here to mock me?" I asked.

"No, Chloe, i didn't mean that," He replied.

"So why are you here?" I asked.

I saw him look around the book store, probably looking for insparation so he could answer my question.

"I came to buy a book," He turned on his heeland walked over to a large shelf of books.

I watched as he scanned the books and walked slowly pasted Jane looking her up and down. I sighed, remembering our conversation yesterday. He practilly had one girl every night.

"he's hot," Jane smiled, nudging my arm playfully. I smiled awkwardly. "Is he taken?"

"Not by me," I said.

"I'd like to buy this book please," He said, after about 5 minutes, by this stage I had gone back to temple run. "Are you gonna serve me?" He asked.

I stayed looking down at my phone. "Nah," I answered.

"Fine then, this lovely young lady will serve me?" He said.

I looked up and watched how Jane blushed as Harry talked to her.

"That's £12.99," Jane smiled.

Harry handed her the money and she sorted out his change.

"Ummm...can i have you number please?" harry asked.

I sighed really loudly, i knew this was going to happen. I obviously sighed louder than i though I did as Harry and Jane both turned to look at me.

"Some one jealus?" Harry smirked as Jane typed her number into his phone.

"No, it's just your so preditictable," I said coldly.

"Well..." Harry started. He paused. "I'll call you," He smiled to Jane.

He walked out the shop quickly and down the high street.

"Do you think he will call?" jane asked.

"Well the line, I'll call you, normally means yes," I laughed.


Authors note:

So this chapter got all mucked up and then half of it deleted and then i rewrote it, so it's a bit diffeent now. Thanksfor reading, feedback always wanted! x

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