Eleanor Calder's Twin

Hi, I'm Chloe Calder. Recognise my surname, yep Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, spot on. Having a twin dating a member of the biggest boy band in the world is sometimes tough. I don't have a movie start lifestyle and get to go on tour with them. I don't date one of them or go to all of there concerts. I have a normal life, well I try to to...


5. 5




The day went by slowly. I felt a little out the loop as everyone talked as they all had these small inside jokes that I didn't get. I felt my eyes lids slowly closing as as they finally touched I opened them widely again. 

"Are you ok?" Harry whispered to me, nudging my arm to get my attention.

"yeah, fine," I smiled.

"it's just you look...a little bored," He replied.

"I'm fine," I reassured. He nodded going back to co contracting on something the others were laughing at. I felt my eyelids close again.

"I don't get what they are saying either," Harry contained. 

I was actually so bored that I couldn't be bothered to talk to him, I just wanted to go to sleep. I nodded, avoiding eye contact.

"so your ignoring me now," He smirked.

I sat up, leaning back on the sofa. I looked around the room, Eleanor was explaining something, she had everyone's full attention, apart from mine. Niall, Liam and Zayn were leaning in close towards her. Louis was under her, also listening eagerly to her story. I glanced over at Harry, he seemed as bored as me. His back was arched over, with his elbow resting on his knee. His chin sat in his elbow and I swear I saw his eyelids go a couple of times. 

"How come you don't get what they are talking about?" I asked. He turned to face me: I stayed in my original position. 

"So your not ignoring me now?" He smirked. Why he was so happy, I didn't know.

"I was never ignoring you," I said, coldly.

"ok, ok. I was out with a girl whilst what ever they are talking about happened," He said.

"your girlfriend?" I asked, remembering El said he was single.

"no, just some girl," He shrugged.

"I never had you down for a one night stand," I answered.

"I never said that," He replied.

"You never didn't say that," I smiled.

"you've got your comebacks all sussed out haven't you?" He laughed.

i smiled, looking back at Eleanor. Louis was now talking and she was staring at me. I gave her a confused look and she smiled before looking back at Louis. 

"Bye!" Eleanor said, closing the door behind her.

"what was that all about before?" I asked.

"What was what about?" She questioned.

"you know," I said, imitating the smile she gave me.  

"Oh come on, I saw the cheeky chat you were having with Harry," She laughed.

"cheeky?" I asked, questioning her choice of words.

"we'll, we were talking about how we didn't get the joke you were talking about," I explained.

"oh yeah, he was off with that girls Sarah," She remembered.

"she still around?" I asked.

"we'll, she's not dead, but Harry doesn't see her anymore,"She said before giving me another one of her smiles. "You like him don't you!" She exclaimed.

"No," I clarified.

"You do, I can sense it,"'She smiled.



authors note:

sorry is chapter is a lot of speech. More exciting stuff tomorrow night! Thanks for reading, remember to like, comment and gave. Feedback is always appreciated. 

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