The start of a new beginning (Sequal to 'If you're reading this, you're too late')

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Aug 2013
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They see each other for the first time in years. He has a child, she is married. He is depressed, she is the happiest person in the world. He falls in love, she already loves. He wants her back, does she want him? Read to find out.


6. Will I be ok

*Sophie's POV*

Everything has been going ok the last few weeks. Me and Louis have been hanging out every night and Harry doesn't know a thing. I feel so bad about that. I love him too.

I woke up to a loud buzzing sound in my ear. I moved alot last night, my head was on top of my alarm clock on my headboard. I laughed at my wierdness and got up. I got ready for work and was about to leave.

"Try to get home early tonight, I have something to ask you." Harry says sleepily behind me.

"I will, love you."

"Love you too." I guess there is no going to visit Lou tonight.

I got to work and got my work done really fast. It was only like 11:00 when I got done, I decided I would go visit Louis, only for a little bit. I started walking. I got to the corner and walked across. I decided to take a short cut, I walked down an alley I thought wouldn't have any cars. Just my luck, some went in there anyway. I thought it was clear to cross the alley, but then soon realized that it was the biggest mistake. I had crossed the street right as a fleet truck was going by. I was instintly hit and the last thing I remembered was, will I be ok.

Author's Note: Hey, sorry for the short chapter, but I have updated alot. So I will update one more time tonight. Thanks. Bye bye.

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