The start of a new beginning (Sequal to 'If you're reading this, you're too late')

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Aug 2013
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They see each other for the first time in years. He has a child, she is married. He is depressed, she is the happiest person in the world. He falls in love, she already loves. He wants her back, does she want him? Read to find out.


29. Last chapter

*Sophie's POV*

"Love you." Louis says leaving after our talk.

Here comes the hard part.

"Hey babe." Harry says walking in after Louis sent him in.

"Hey." I sing smiling.

"So, how are you feeling?"

"Could be better." I tell him.

"Are you ok?" He asks a little more concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry." I say smiling.

"Good, because I would totally freak out. Look, I am sorry if I put you on the spot earlier, I didn't mean to. We just... I just..."

"I chose." I cut in.

He stops talking and looks to me shocked. He then begins to start pacing.

"Harry?" He continues to pace. "Harry, do you want to sit?"

"Yeah, maybe that's a good idea." He sits in the chair next to the bed.

I begin to tear up a bit. How am I supposed to tell him something that is going to break his heart? I begin to cry some more.

"Don't worry."He puts his hand on my shoulder. "No one will be mad about your decision. We are the ones who put it upon ourselves."

"Promise no one will get mad?"

"Of course."

"And who every I tell you I picked will always be my best friend. No matter what?"

"No matter what." He reensures.

"Ok." I pause, and sniffle. "Harry, I will always love you, I have always loved you." I pause. He nods. "But I feel like I am missing something, some part. A big part. Harry, I will always love you but, I choose Louis."

Thinking he was going to cry or get mad, I look down and begin to cry again. I then feel a hand on my chin, he turns my head to face him.

"Hey." I don't look up. "Hey Sophie...Sophie, I am not mad."

I look up at him and he is smiling.

"Are you sure?"

"No matter what, remember?" He walks towards the door.

"Wait, Harry?" I call.

"Yeah?" I wave him back over.

I open my arms for a hug and he ecloses me into his arms.

"Thank you for letting me do what I want. I love you. Forever and always." I say into his hug.

"You're welcome. I love you too. Forever and always." He lets go and walks towards the door again. "See ya, take care of yourself."

"You take care of yourself, see you around." He nods and leaves only looking back as the door is being shut.

The next thing I knew I was packing again for like the onehundreth time in my life. I finally got out of the hospital. I got to take Rose home and she is looking as beautiful as ever. I love her to pieces.

I don't know where this life is going to take me, but I am sure it'll be...interesting. It's my new beginning.

"The end." I say to Rose.

"Ahhhuu." She wines. "It's over."

"Yes, it's over." I tell her, running my fingers through her brown/ blond hair. "But now it's your turn to start your own new beginning." She smiles.

Rose is now eight years old. I tell her everything. I tell her storied of me and Louis, of me and Harry, and of me and her. She can't get enough of them.

As I sit and comb through her hair with my fingers, I hear my laptop chime. I stand up and grab it, opening the lide. It's a skype message. I answer it. Lucy's face pops up.

"Hey, Luc. Long time no see." I say.

"Hey, Soph." She says sounding really excited. "I have asome important news."

"Yeah, what is it?" I smile.

Then out of nowhere Harry pops up onto the screen. "Harry and I are getting married." She holds up her hand, with a big diamond ring on her finger. I smile. "I am also three months pregnant." I smile even bigger.

"Oh my gosh, really. We are so going to have to set up a little reunion sometime soon. "I need to see you, well, actually see you.

"Yeah, we are so going to have to plant that." She laughs.

"Mom, can I go play with Tyler?" I hear Rose ask.

"Was that Rose? Let me see her." Lucy says.

"Rose, honey, can you  come here for a second please?" I ask.

"Yeah, mom?"

 She asks coming up behind me.

"Do you remeber Lucy?" I ask looking to Rose.

"Yeah, Hey Lucy." She says.

"Hey kiddo."

"Hey mom, can I go play with Tyler?" She asks again.

"Yeah, sure. Tell Sam I had that song ready."

"Ok, thanks mom."

"You're welcome, by the way come check in at 6:00."

"Sure will." She leaves.

"Only eight and is already hanging out with boys, I would be careful if I were you." Harry says smilng.

"I trust Tyler, they are best friends. He is actually a really respectful young boy." I tell him.

"Those are the most dangerous." harry jokes.

"Ha. ha. ha." I say slowly. "Yeah, his mom is really nice, her name is Sam. I am making her track, she sings."

"Really, that sounds interesting."

"Yeah, it is."

"So hows the secret?" She winks.

"Not a secret anymore." I tell her.

"Really, you finally told people?"

"Yep, I am working with a record deal now, hoping to finish soon."

"That's awesome."

"Yeah, it's pretty great."

"Hows Louis?" Harry asks me.

"He's good." I look down at my watch. "Should be getting home soon."

"Will you tell him I said hi?" Harry asks.

"I will, now take care of my best friend."

"Why wouldn't you trust me, I am a really respectful young boy?" He smiles.

"Those are the most dangerous." I smile. I laugh and they laugh. "Alright, I better be going. I say as Louis walks in the front door.

"Yeah, we probably should too. Talk to you later."

"Goodbye." I say.

"No matter what?" Harry smiles heartly.

"Forever and always." I say back to him. When I turn around I see Louis still in his teaching suit. He teaches drama now. Rose absolutely loves it.

"Hey sweetie." He looks around. "Where's the little brat?" He asks using her knick name.

I smile evily. "She's over at Tyler's." I say, continueing to smile.

"You meanwe hav the house to ourselves?" He asks playfully shocked.

"Yep and you know what that means." I take off running.

I scream as he catches me and carries me like a surf board into our bedroom. I continue to laugh.

*No one's POV*

He carries her into the bedroom. Your sight is from behind the laptop, that still lie shut on the table.

*Sophie's POV*

I love Louis to death. We are trying to have another baby. Alex comes over every other weekend now and her and Rose get along great.

I was wrong before, it wasn't my new beginning then. It's the start of my new beginning now.

The End.

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