The start of a new beginning (Sequal to 'If you're reading this, you're too late')

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  • Published: 12 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Aug 2013
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They see each other for the first time in years. He has a child, she is married. He is depressed, she is the happiest person in the world. He falls in love, she already loves. He wants her back, does she want him? Read to find out.


12. I don't know what to believe anymore

*Sophie's POV*

I have been feeling a whole lot better, it has been about two monthes since I got out of the hopsital. It felt amazing to know that I get to take my casts off today. I had more check ups in an hour and I was hoping for some more good news. I made my way down stairs on my cruches which was really hard with a cast on my arm. I found Harry making breakfast and singing. I started laughing as I sat down at the table.

"So are you ready to remove those casts?" He asks from the stove still making eggs.

"You better believe it." I say.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad was it, me babying you the whole time." He was smiling at me.

"I liked that part." I giggle.

"Soon you can babysit other people again." He said smiling, because I used to babysit our neighbors little girl to earn some money.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny." I say smiling at him.

"I thought it was." He was walking over to the table with a hot pad and a pan. He had all of the food out on the table and we started eating.


"Your ready?" He asks walking into the room.

"Hell yeah." I say smiling and standing up.

"Well then lets go."


When we got into my the room and waited for the doctor. He came in and started putting my x rays up. First the one of my leg and ankle. They were healing perfect and I could take off my cast, but I had to keep a thin boot. Then he showed us my arm, it was pretty much the same except I had to keep a sling to keep it healing right. Then he showed me the one of my head, it was getting better and better, the damage is getting better. I was so very thankful.

"So has the percent of my memory coming back gone up?" I asked hopeful, even thought I don't think it does if your brain gets better.

"We have not looked but I really don't think it will, I am very sorry."

"It's fine." I was saddened now.

"Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones." He said half smiling.

"Yeah, maybe."

I sat on the chair and he sat next to me, Harry stood by the door. I closed my eyes afraid it would hurt, but it didn't. He just took some really sharp tools and cut off the casts. He gave me the sling and the boot and sent me on my way. I was told to let my leg and arm get air and then put the boot and sling on when I get home. We thanked him and left.


I sat on my bed and I put the sling over my head and rested my arm in it. it felt good letting my arm breath. Then I put the boot on and my leg go instantly warm. That was the only thing I hated, my leg always got really hot and I always wanted to put it in a tub of ice. I got kind of used to it.

I happily walked down the stairs with out cruches and walked up to Harry.

"It feels really good to get those off."

"I bet it does."

"Oh, it does."

He just laughs. We just sit and watch a movie and relax. I was laying on his chest and he had his arm under his head and one on my back. My leg arm was ontop of my hip and my leg was resting on the arm rest. I turned to look at him.

"Thank you."

He looked down at me. "For what?"

"For taking care of me."

"Your welcome, but you didn't have to thank me."

"Yes I did."

We sat and finished our movie and went to bed. But again Harry got up in the middle of the night, I think he thinks I am sleeping. This time I was going to find out what he is doing. So I got up, I saw him go down stairs, that is where I went. Once I got down the stairs he was on the phone in the kitchen.

"Hey Louis, I just wanted to tell you about her appointment. She is fine everything is healing and she has to still wear a sling and a thin boot."

"Yeah. She couldn't wait to get them off."

Then it got quiet and his voice got sad. "No, she hasn't. I guess she just didn't get the story."

*Harry's POV*
I thought she was asleep so I slipped out of bed and went downstairs. I took out my phone and called Louis.  He picked up.

"Hey Louis, I just wanted to tell you about her appointment. She is fine everything is healing and she has to still wear a sling and a thin boot."

"Is she happy?"

"Yeah. She couldn't wait to get them off."

He got quiet.

"Has she asked about me lately?"

"No, she hasn't. I guess she just didn't get the story."


"I am sorry Louis, I don't think she will ever remember you. I know she loved you, I know that, and I am so sorry. I mean it."

Then I heard a loud pound coming from I think upstairs.

"Sorry Louis, I have to go. I think she fell."

"Ok, bye. Tell me when she is all better."

"Sure thing. Bye."


*Sophie's POV*

I was listening to him, he was talking to Louis, then all of a sudden Harry started talking about me loving Louis. I thought Harry said I never loved him. Why did he lie? Did I belong to Louis before the accident? What else has Harry lied about? Does he even love me? He started to get farther away, I think he was pacing. I tried to go down a step but fell, man that hurt. I was lying on the steps. Harry hung up and came towards the stairs to see me lying there.

"Oh my gosh, let me help you." He came towards me to help me up, he put a hand on my arm.

I jirked my arm away.

"I can do it on my own." He looked at me surprised.

"You heard?"

"Yeah." I said coldly. "I am going to sleep on the couch."

"It's not what it sounded like. You have got to believe me."

"I don't know what to believe anymore, you lied to me before, I don't know what is true anymore. I think that is the coldest thing anyone can do, is lying to a person that lost memory and just wants to remember." I walked passed him and grabbed my blanket out of our room and a pillow then hedded back down stairs. He was just looking at me in awe.

He was about to got upstairs when I stopped him with a question.

"Tell me the truth. Did I ever love Louis." I said sternly.

He had tears in his eyes. "Yes."

I scoffed and layed down. "That is what I thought."

I don't even know what Louis looks like, I don't remember. I don't want to see him, I don't want to see anyone. I want everyone to just leave me alone, I think I want to move away and live by myself. No more people to lie to me. I have decided while Harry is out tomorrow for work, I am going to pack and leave.



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