Dream Valentine

2 girls meet 2 very famous boys around Valentines Day in Paris


1. Beautiful Paris, How I Love You!

There we were. Best friends till the end, Cassandra and I walking in the streets of Paris enjoying the wonderful view. "I can't we are actually here" Cassandra tells me. "I know, if only we were with One Direction" I reply daydreaming about the day of their concert. Today was the 12 of February in other words Lincoln's birthday. Yes I'm obsessed with President Lincoln. Their concert was on the 14 of February- Valentines Day- hopefully they would ask us for our numbers because we had luckily been give backstage passes from our parents. "Hey do you want to get some food!" I yell at her because when it come to food nothing could control me. "Only you Lissette," she said, "Aww if Niall and you dated the world would be out of food!" She laughed later I laughed. Laughter was one contagious beast. "Ohh!! Look there's a McDonalds over there!" I say while jumping up and down, I start running to the heavenly place. "Wait! Don't run-" Cassandra is about to say something else but instead starts to run as well, it she wouldn't be able to catch up to me. I make it to the door of McDonalds but I am shocked by what I see. Girls are screaming and crying inside there, there was no way I could get inside. "Wow!" I hear someone say while panting. "I know! I'm hungry!" I half whine, I want food and I was going to get it. "Lissette, lets just go to some other place to eat, maybe they are out of food considering the amount of people, well girls in there, and if they eat like you they are definitely out of food." She said trying to lure me away from food, unheard of! "NEVER!! I DEMAND FOOD!!" I scream at the top of my lungs getting weird looks from the people outside and from Cassandra. She rolls her eyes and is about to protest but in that exact moment I barge in the doors and I am prepare to fight for my food. The bell on the door rings but no one budges. "Move out of the way girls! I want food and I am not afraid to hurt you!" I threaten them. Some give me ugly looks but then see me and just ignore me. That's when I take action and shove them with my elbows as if I was playing basketball. And trust me I had played in my schools basketball team for over 3 years. They yell at me and try to hove me back but I won't allow it. Why were so many girls here and why would the not let me through! I was beginning to get impatient. "Move! I want some food and you don't want to see me hungry!" I yell after spotting the front of the restaurant. I run to the ordering desk and gasp knowing that I had accomplished my mission. There were tow people I think boys being surrounded by all the girls, but I didn't pay much attention to it. "Hi can I take your order?" A boy around 21 asked me. "Yeah! Finally! Ok well I will have 3 Big Macs, 4 Large Fries, 3 Milkshakes, 10 Cheeseburgers, and 2 Vanilla Ice Creams." I finish almost out of breath, the guy just looks at me and asks if that all almost laughing but I give him a look, I say that yes that will be it. A couple minutes later Cassandra appears with a few scratches on her arms and her hair all messed up. We waited a couple more minutes until our food was ready. "Hey where did al the girls go?" Cassandra asked, I saw relief on her eyes. "No idea I'm just glad that I got my food, I was about to die! How were you supposed to tell my parents that I died in a McDonalds in Paris.. I mean they would understand because I eat too much, but still what kind if death is that supposed to be? Oh yeah her cause of death was starvation of 30 minutes.." I ranted on and on earning a laugh from Cassandra. "Here you go ladies your order is ready!" The dude said and gave us 2 bags! I heard a chuckle from behind us and Cassandra heard it too because she gave me a worried look. She has the dear of being kidnapped. Just don't talk about it. We both nodded said thanks and turned around. We saw two heads one wig curly hair and one with blonde hair. "Excuse me dudes! Coming through with food!" Cassandra said quite loudly. They both turned around and checked us out down to up. "So much food for such a fit girl?" They asked us. "Yes is there a problem with that because if there is say it now before I hurt you!" I sassed them. I couldn't see their faces clearly they ere core wearing beanies and shades. They looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Lissette-" Cassandra stared to say I noticed caution and shock in her voice but I cut her off. "No! If they have a problem with this much food eaten by girls then thy should speak up! Cause not all girls look like Victoria Secret models, hell they probably expect all girls to be like that! Fudge cakes!" I said anger becoming obvious. "Wait no! Not fudge cakes, they are to precious to use in cursing!" I added quickly. "If you insist love.." The blonde one spoke up, he ha and accent by French. Maybe Irish? "Listen babe, no need to be frustrated, just that I found it funny that you eat jut as much as my friend here-" the curly haired one said with a smirk with an obvious British accent. "Hey that's not funny!" The blonde one protested. I chuckled at that. This boy was funny. "But of course it is impressive for a girl to eat as much as the one and only Niall-" blonde one or Niall said being cut of by the hand of the curly hair dude. "Ok.." I thought out loud. "Well, you have ruined it now mate." Curly said with a frown. "Since you girls obviously know.. I am Harry Styles and this is Niall Horan" this kid Harry said. Then it hit me I had just been checked out b 2/5 of One Direction and I had talked back. Cassandra had her mouth open and hanging. My goodness I just met Harry and Niall from One Direction. 

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