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1. Imagine For AbbyLeigh513

I woke up to the sweet smell of bacon cooking. My mum cooks really early, because she's always getting up extra early. But then I remembered, I'd left the house last night to go to a dance club. I'd met a cute guy, the sweetest. Not a player at all. He wasnt like the other guys, who use a dance club to get girls drunk and then take them home, he was different. Just looking for someone to love. I got up, stretching my arms. Before I went out, I went into the master bathroom and checked my appearance. I was wearing his shirt. I fixed my hair into a tight ponytail, leaving some bangs down. I dont look so bad, I thought, walking out of the bathroom. My feet padded across the floors, until I reached the kitchen. He looked up from what he was doing and smiled. His eyes were the nicest brown ever, and his hair was brown also. I had brown hair, which I kept quite long. I've never liked my hair short, it doesnt seem right to me. Liam! His name was Liam! I remember now. I had drunken a few beers, but when I hit my head on something, he'd been the only one there to help. It's hard to say you've fallen for someone in just one night, but with Liam, I just couldnt see it as anything else. I really had fallen for him in just one night. His caring, sweet, loving nature was probably the reason. All the compliments and his help. He noticed me just standing there, and he walked over. He grabbed both of my hands in his, which were pretty big compared to my child hands.

"How does your head feel today? It was quite a hit you took." Liam says, smiling.

"Much better, Thanks for all the help. I-I understand if you want me to leave now." I say, and his smile fades.

"No, I want you to stay." He says, and leads me over to the table. He'd already gotten two plates and materials all ready. I smiled as he helped me into my chair, pulling it our for me, then pushing it in. I blushed. 

"I thought you'd want to stay. And, after all those drinks and that injury, I thought you'd want to stay today to just hang out and rest. Only if you want to." He says, putting bacon, eggs and sausage on my plate. He goes over to the other side, and puts some on his plate. He looked at me, expectantly, and his eyes just made me melt. I nodded.

"Sounds great." I say, as he takes his seat, handing me a glass of milk. I take a slow sip from it and set it back down, taking a napkin and wiping it off my face. 

"I thought we could go to the movies, watch a few. Maybe stay until they kick us out." He says, chuckling.

"I dont think they'd kick you out as long as you dont get scared and scream from one of the scary movies." I say, and he chuckles some more. His laugh was perfect. After we finished breakfast, he gave me some of his clothes to dress in. His sweat pants and a plaid t-shirt. They were pretty big on me, but I didnt complain. I dont want to wear my other clothes again. It would be gross. I walked back out of the bathroom, ready to go. In the clothes he'd lent me. He smiled when I came out, and walked over to me, closing me in a hug. I giggled as he picked me up and walked me out to the living room. I wrapped my legs around his waist. When we'd reached the couch, he gently sat me down on it, clicking a button and starting his car from in here.

"Universal switch. Not as good as my flashing tooth-brush, but, pretty cool." He says, and I giggle.

"That toothbrush is awesome." I say, and he nods. 

"Ready to go?" He asks. I nod, and he takes my hand, walking us out to the car. On the way there, I think about this. Would my mum be mad at me for not returning home? Would she care? Maybe she thinks I'm dead... I know some kids who go out with friends and never come back. They get drunk and get hit by cars, shot, or kidnapped. Most of them just never show up, but the smart ones do. They always keep out of trouble, never really paying much attention to those who didnt. I was lucky I was smart, but I still didnt mind a drink every once in a while. I glanced at Liam occasionaly, he was always focused on the road, I knew he was responsible. He'd been there to help, there was nothing to it. He was just a nice person. Nice people are the best, they already have a guaranteed spot in Heaven from the second they're born. Or, that's what my grandmother tells me. Well, used to tell me anyway....Then she got her spot there... I know I'll see her again someday, she always told me I have a special spot in Heaven. As long as I dont screw up. But there were problems in my life now, ones that included me making wrong descisions, wrong choices, wrong words, wrong moves. I couldnt erase what I've done. If me and Liam ever did hook up, I know it wouldnt last. He was a sweet, kind soul, and I was horrible. I was mean to people sometimes, I keep my head where it's supposed to be, but my grandmother had told me to never drink, do drugs or get involved with the wrong people. I'd smoked a cigarette before. Only one. I wasnt one for a bad habit, and I've obviously drunk before... Liam, however, couldnt drink too much. I remember last night I'd asked him why he wasnt drinking anything, he said he needed to stay in good health condition. Or, it could affect his life. He had maybe one or two beers before he called it quits on it. I remember he told me that I should've stopped drinking. I remember how he'd been the one who caught me everytime I almost fell. But, he turns his head for one second and someone pushes me down, and I hit my head on the floor. He always said it was his fault, and it wasnt. It was mine, for choosing the wrong path and drinking. I'd screwed up, and I'd paid the price. 

We finally reached the movie theater and Liam walked inside with me, holding my hand. People were giving me dirty looks, but Liam shut them up with his own stares. I smile at him, so cute and sweet. Really protective. I like a boyfriend who's territorial, protective over his girlfriend. They're always the best. And, we hurried into the first movie. It was a scary one. Everytime something scary happened, I'd jump, and Liam pulled me closer to him each time. By the middle of the movie, I was practically on his lap. He kept asking me if I was okay, and I would say yes, and he wouldnt be so sure. He would ask me if I'd rather not watch scary movies, and I told him I would watch any. This one was just a little freakier than the other ones I'd watched. We watched a few more movies before it got dark and he decided to call it a night.

"So, how were the other movies? Did you have fun today?" He asks me while he helps me into the car.

"The other movies were amazing. I enjoyed today a lot. Probably one of the best days since I've been born." I say, which makes him smile. He goes to the other side, and I give him directions to my house. He quickly got me home before dark. He walked me to my front door, and stopped before I walked in.

"I-I would like to see you another time... But, only if you, if you want to." Liam says, taking my hands and looking into my eyes. He didnt look away, he kept my gaze locked. Which, is really confident of him. I nod.

"I would love to." I say, and he smirks.

"That's great. So, I'll call you sometime?" He asks, and I give him my phone number. "I'll call you soon." He says and I smile, nodding. He bends down and kisses my cheek before turning around and going home. I wait until he's gone to walk inside. 

Perfect end to a perfect night. A kiss. The warmth was still on my cheek as I walked to my room, being cautious and letting my mum know I was home, and went to bed. I dreamt of how our next date would go, if you counted today as a date. Which, I'm sure we both had.


***Requested by AbbyLeigh513 Sorry I didnt get to it sooner. Sorry if it's not good, you can always request another***

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