Dreadful Sins



2. 1

      Ever since the loss of my parents, I have been living with my dad's boss, who seemed to have escaped the bomb back then. He is very rich. He owns many houses and penthouses in many different places, worldwide. But I'm not satisfied with wealth. My parents were middle class people, and I liked it that way.

       The person who was once my dad's boss, was now my boss. He was the boss at an Assassination Program, which was located secretly deep under the ground. He made this program 15 years ago, while my dad was still working for him. It's hard to believe that my dad was a spy and that he killed people for a living. Maybe thats why he didn't come to my award ceremonies, when I was in school.

       Five years ago, my boss had introduced me the program. He showed me that my dad was the best of the best. My dad was the best spy known. I felt proud of my dad, but also mad at him because he was assassinating people even after I was born. After that thought,I knew what to do. I was going to become a spy just like my dad.   

        Today, I am my boss's trusted spy, assassinating people who brought harm to innocent people. It is great that I am working for my boss and at the Assassination Program. I have much more resources to find the killer who murdered my parents.

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