Middle School Valentine (Short Story)

This is a short story that I'm entering for the 1shot41d contest. In this story Siani hates valentines day until she has a change in heart when cheeky Harry Styles makes her feel loved and appreciated with a little help from her friends.


1. Love at First Song

Valentines Day~ In Unami Middle School
"Happy Valentines Day Siani!" Squealed Emily.
"Happy Val-Whatever." Replied Siani.
"What's wrong?"
"I just don't like valentines day ok."
"Is it because you have a valentine."
"No! Ok maybe."
"Don't worry he's out there, I gotta go to first period I'll see u at lunch ok."
"Ok seeya."
~First Period~(Chorus)
 "Everybody listen up, we have a visitor here in Unami and I want you to treat him the same as everybody else and he can help improve your singing." Announced Mrs. Leonardo with excitement.
"Hi I'm Harry!"
The room became loud as an airplane getting ready for take off. The girls screamed like they never seen a celebrity before. Well I haven't either but you don't see me screaming.
"How's everybody doing? Happy Valentines Day!"
Everyone good not stop smiling.
Siani's POV: (In my head)
"This is ridiculous the girls are acting dumber than a dum-dum. I guess it won't be so bad unless the hallways will be flooded with screaming fans."
"Well who can resists somebody cute.....handsome.........dreamyyyy. STOP! Siani come back to reality. I have no chance so let's move on."
~Second/Third Period~(Reading)
"Hey Siani!" yelled Christiana from across the room.
"Sup!" I laughed
"Nm who was chorus?"
"Waste of my time, we couldn't get anything done because a celebrity is here in Unami."
"Harry Styles."
"Oh you don't like him."
"No it's just that the girls act all stupid and I hate it."
"Same here."
"Everybody can you please be seated the faster we sit the faster we'll have our party!" said Mrs. Canfield happy as ever. After Mrs. Canfield passed out the snacks we party on.
"Even tho I don't like Valentines day the party's awsome!" Little I knew that Harry joined the party it wasn't that bad nobody even noticed him or cared considering the class had more boys.
~Fourth Period~(Math)
A way to ruin a great time was a math quiz. But I was able to finish early. Then, I notice from the corner of my eye that Harry was looking at me and didn't look away.
Siani's POV:(In my head)
"Why is Harry staring at me. Was it because I was one of the first people to finish or maybe I'm doing something weird to him. I don't know?"
Harry's POV:(In his head)
"Wow she's one of the first people to finish. But she is also very pretty, I adore her dirty blonde hair and green eyes and her smile. I saw her earlier at First, Second and Third period. But I don't know that much about her or even her name. That never came up."
~Fifth Period~(Science)
Yes science it's actually my favorite period. The only disadvantage was that it was before lunch. Once we had to dissect a chicken wing for the muscluar system. Ew I can never eat chicken wings Again!!! But today we didn't have to dissect anything. Instead we watched a video that lasted the whole period. It talked about the digestive system which I didn't care about at all. At least Harry wasn't there, math was just wierd. ~RING!~ Yes time for lunch! I went to my locker put away my books and grabed my lunch.
"Hey guys."
"Hey Siani." replied Lexi, Rachel, Kirsten, Maddie, Taylor, Christina, Emily, Aarthi and Lei.
"What's up?"
"Nm." they all replied. As always I have very little to eat but I never really cared. Just than Kirsten bit her apple and started to laugh and it started coming out of her nose! We all laugheed our butts off at it.
"Kirsten STOP making applesauce out of your nose!!!"
"Shut up Siani ok!" she laughed. I walked away to put away my trash. Then, Harry goes over to my friends.
"Hey guys, who's the girl that was just sitting here?"
"Siani, Siani Rivera." replied Lexi.
"That's a pretty name for a pretty girl what does she like?"
"She like dasies." replied Christina.
"She likes chocolate." squealed Kirsten.
"She also Loves to sing!" smiled Lei.
"Thanks for helping me out and I was never here."
When I came back it was awkward that none of us talked to each other.
~Sixth Period~(Social Studies)
A way to end my day with boring history. But Mr. Somola tried to make it fun by reacting it as a play. But it didn't help much I was more lost than ever. At least the period ends at 2 and we have no homework yay!!! Im literally counting down the minutes of how bored I was.
~Finally Resource!!!~
"Siani somebody wanted me to give you this." Christina handing me a letter.
It said that there was a surprise waiting for me at room 120 (Chorus). I grabbed my stuff and headed to room 120. Inside there was a basket of dasies and a box of chocolates. There was a note in the dasies.
"Siani I've only met you and you've already stolen my heart will you be mine."
"Will you?"
I turned around and I saw Harry with music sheets.
He placed the music sheets on the piano. He picked me up and spined me around. Then, he got out his guitar and started playing a beautiful tune. He started to singing just the way you are by Bruno Mars and I joined him.
"When I she your face there's not a thing that I would change cause your amazing just the way you are."
Then he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As compared to everything today this was the best moment to remember.
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