Where Dreams Come True.

A group of friends go on a trip to Walt Disney World. While they are there thay meet One Direction. Will this be a trip they will or will not forget?

A/N im sorry for the "about the story" it kinda hard to say the story with out giving it away.


3. Trouble

                                                                                        Alyssa’s POV   

“We just landed :) I miss u guys sooo much and cnt wait to c u in like 4 day love ya <3” I texted my mom. I see Alana going to get Hope and my suitcases. I mean I’m surprise because Alana is a small girl, but she is one of the strongest girls I know but you can’t tell. “You guys hungry?” I asked Hope and Alana, “there is a McDonald’s does that work?” “Yeah sure,” they responded. Like ten to twenty minutes we come back and there is no one here,” I stay worried. I look at Hope and she looks like she saw a ghost. I turned around to see One Direction walking over to us. “Can this day get any better,” I say quietly to my self. I see Alana walk up to Louis and started to talk to him.

                                                                                         Alana's POV

“Hey I’m a huge fan of you guys.” I managed to say, but I probably sounded stupid. “Great it’s always great to meet our fan every day. So what is your name love?” he questioned me. “My name is Alana, Alana Martin.” I said proudly. ‘Now actually Louis in person in much hotter than in the picture I see.’ I thought to myself. I turned around and saw Hope giving me a ask him for a ride, look. So I did. “um Louis, well me and my friends came on a field trip and we kinda got separated from our group and I was wondering, I know we just met and all but can you give us a ride to our hotel?” I quickly said. “Yeah sure. Anything for you love.” He answered.


A/N I'm sorry for the short chapter, but if you have any ideas for the story just leave it in the comments thanks.

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