Where Dreams Come True.

A group of friends go on a trip to Walt Disney World. While they are there thay meet One Direction. Will this be a trip they will or will not forget?

A/N im sorry for the "about the story" it kinda hard to say the story with out giving it away.


2. The Plane

After we boarded the plane I started to read the Twilight books I was on the last book, Breaking Dawn Part two. I knew we were close to landing so I decide to go and put my jeans on and my one direction shirt and change out of my bright pink pajama pants and my brother’s old shirt. When I walk out of the bathroom thing I bumped into someone. “I sorry I didn’t see you there,” a deep British accent said. As I look up I notice that I bumped into Harry Styles. “It’s ok and If you don’t mind I want you to meet someone,” I said I started to walk and he followed. I sat down and tapped Alyssa on the shoulder. She turn around and looked at me and then up at Harry. “Oh my God your Harry Styles right,” she managed to say. “Yes I am and you are gorgeous.” He said as Alyssa blushed. “Thank you,” she said. As Alyssa and Harry are talking I notice the curtain moving that separates the first class from the middle class. Then a second or two then I feel a pair a warm hands on my shoulders. “Hey Hope,” a joyful voice said. “Hi I’m real sorry about before,” I said. “It’s fine,” he replied. “Can everyone please return to their seat, thank you,” the pilot said. Harry and Alyssa exchange numbers, and then Liam and Harry left.



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