Where Dreams Come True.

A group of friends go on a trip to Walt Disney World. While they are there thay meet One Direction. Will this be a trip they will or will not forget?

A/N im sorry for the "about the story" it kinda hard to say the story with out giving it away.


1. The Airport

                                                                                   Hope’s POV

We arrive at the airport around 8:30AM. We went through the security and we are now at our gate. As we look around we heard a couple of girls scream “OH MY GOD ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!” I jumped up out of my seat to look around and so did my friends. We are all really big fans. I looked around and suddenly I got a feeling that someone was looking at me so I turn around and I see a pair of chocolate eyes staring striate  at me , but before who I could tell who it was I sat down and froze. A tall figure started to walkover he said something but I couldn’t hear him. One of my best friends nice enough to help me out I could hear her slightly say, “Hello this is Hope and I’m Alyssa.” I think they had a little conversation but I’m not sure. A little later she shook me and screamed in my ear, “THAT WAS LIAM PAYNE AND HE JUST ASKED FOR YOU PHONE NUMBER AHHHHHHHH!” “What did you say to him I hope you sa-,” I was cut off by my phone going off screaming Live While We’re Young by One Direction. I looked down at my phone it read unknown number, I open it and it said “-Hey we should hang out some time- Liam.” “-Sure but I doubt we will c each other anytime soon-Hope.” Suddenly I knew Alana was up I heard her screaming to Alyssa, “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP THAT WAS LIAM PAYNE YA KNOW!” Alyssa laughed and said, “You looked so peaceful I just couldn’t ruin your beauty sleep.” Then my phone went off again but this time Alana took it before I could read. She started to type something. I quickly grabbed my phone and saw what she wrote, I would have died if he read what she wrote. It said “I LOVE U SOOOOOO MUCH AND I LOVE TO KISS YOUR POSTER EVERY NIGHT!!!” I saw this and I just deleted it. I decided to text Liam back I told him I was boarding and would text him when we landed.

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