Living with the devil

Caged in his flat Lewis is trapped with his loving sister and violent father. The truth of his mothers death hidden from him Lewis struggles through waves of emotions as his fathers daily beating takes its toll.


2. True or False

"Dad stop! Just stop!" Sarah pleaded, hidden behind our bedroom door.

"You're not helping!" I called back to her edging away slowly from the giant that followed. I could hear her crying in between pleads. Even now after all these years she still panicked like she did when she was younger.

"He didn't mean to! Just stop it! Please just stop." She faltered away at the end over taken with sobs.

She was being melodramatic although I myself was terrified as he came ever closer.

I reached the kitchen door, my back flat against it. He kept on coming.


He lashed out suddenly. Pinning his baton against my neck he pushed me up against the door and I dangled inches off the floor. The air was knocked out of me as he held me up by the neck, the baton forcing my chin up cutting off more of my air supply.

I gasped for air but found less and less coming by the second. After what must have been a minute he released me and I flopped to the floor, sucking in as much air as I could get. But there was no breaks in his rules and before I could catch my breath he came down hard with the baton hitting me in the eye.

Pain burst out in a flash of colours. I cried out in pain raising my hand to my eye feeling only a swollen wet patch of blood. He went to hit again but I saw it coming. I slid between his widely spread legs and bolted for our bedroom door. 

I yanked the key from my pocket and slid it into the lock as Mike came running after me. It wouldn't take long. The corridor was short and narrow with my bedroom door opposite the kitchen.

I fumbled with the key trying desperately to turn it as he yanked me back by the waist. He through me to the floor and punched me in the stomach. He continued to punch for God knows how long. I lost count and swam in a world of pain.

The next thing I knew Sarah grabbed me under the arms and dragged me into our room.


My alarm screamed its annoying tune in my ear and I slammed my hand down on the stop button. Only then to be greeted by Sarah's.

"For the love of Pete!" I cursed under my breath rolling my eyes and getting up sharply.

"Sorry," She mumbled dreamily, not even bothering to turn it off. I walked to the mirror hanging over our chest of draws opposite the right side of my bed. I glanced at myself looking away quickly. I looked terrible. My eye was swollen badly and there was a big cut underneath it.

Grabbing my school clothes from my draws I crept to the bathroom. I got changed and washed my face in record timing, my eye looking better now the blood was washed away. I strolled into our tiny kitchen and made the usual cheerios for breakfast.

Shovelling it down I glanced at the clock every 2 minutes. I had to get to school early before Rob and his gang. Washing up quickly I dashed to the living room where our private gym lived. It wasn't much. The living room was the size of two of our kitchen put next to each other.

Our gym was a third of the room the rest being taken over by Mike's DVD's, the TV and the sofa. The gym held a treadmill, some weights and a mat for Sarah's yoga and exercises and all. I ran on the treadmill dreaming.

I dreamed of what my mother was like. I'd seen pictures but hadn't seen her since I was an infant. She went to America to get more money but left no note. Sarah told me. She knew because she hadn't been able to sleep when mum was leaving and heard her going down the stairs. Mum went because we were struggling for money and she got offered a job in America that would pay well. Really well.

The only thing I remembered about mum was her hugs and cookies. Her hugs were like summers warmth and springs breeze.Like you were floating on a cloud in a dream where no harm could come to you. Where you were safe from everything. Every time dad sparked up I'd think of her hugs and imagine her there telling me it's going to be alright. That no one can hurt me anymore.

Her cookies. Her cookies defied science and beat every best food.

Her cookies were made from a special dough with chocolate chips and fried in butter. They shouldn't have possible, but they were. Every morning we would find a small dish with five cookies piled in a pyramid, a glass of cool milk beside them. They literally melted in your mouth. the sickly taste of sweet dough and chocolate. The thing we'd crave every morning.

After 20 minutes I moved to the weights but abandoned them quickly finding the pain in my stomach hurt too much to continue.

I packed my bag and left the flat, flying down the stairs. Taking my bike off the bike rack I hopped on and road off quickly down the street racing for school. "I will get there first. I will get there first." I breathed the words subtly barely moving my lips.

Fears of Rob and his gang filled my head as I rode blindly. What would I do if I ran into them? Should I run away? If so, should I hide in a tree where they can't get me? Or I could run to the safety of the classroom. They wouldn't do it in front of miss. Or perhaps I could stand my ground. It would be bloody useless as they were all stronger and bigger than me.

I arrived at school before I could make a decision. I braced myself and walked my bike to the racks chaining it back up when I got there.

You'll never guess who was standing there. Robert bloody Wilcox. He's nothing like his name. Robert Matthew Wilcox sounds lovely and polite but you would think that wouldn't you?

He was tall. Really tall and so strong I swear he could lift a log. His hair was dark and curled with cold, blue eyes. The tan of dreams accompanied the body from heaven and muscles from hell.

"Well well well." he said. Mock in every letter, he locked his cruel eyes on mine.

"Look boys. It's Luisa. Tell me Luisa. True or False. Your a coward." My face burned red giving me away.

"True or False, You rely on your pathetic little sister. True or False no matter how hard you try your grades are falling falling falling." he was getting faster, gaining more confidence. I ran.

"True or False" he ran after me yelling his insults. "You couldn't hurt a fly. True or False, You're hated by everyone. True or False mummy ran away. True or False-" I burst through the doors slamming them behind me. Tears stream down my face. Stupid. Stupid! STUPID!

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