Living with the devil

Caged in his flat Lewis is trapped with his loving sister and violent father. The truth of his mothers death hidden from him Lewis struggles through waves of emotions as his fathers daily beating takes its toll.


1. Prologue

"I am not your servant!" She cried.
"No but you are my wife!"
"How does that make a difference?" Emily shrilled, heart thudding.
Suddenly, he leapt for her. She tried to roll away but he was too fast. Mike slapped her around the face then he clasped Emily's throat in his hands and squeezed.
She couldn't breathe, her throat burned, black dots formed in front of her eyes. Then, he released her.
Emily sucked in the air, her throat screaming in agony.
Then Mike shoved her off the bed with heavy hands and she thumped onto the floor whacking her head on the bedside table as she did so.
Emily heard Mike rummaging in a wooden chest and knew what was coming. She closed the door as a dark shadow loomed over her and although she couldn't see his face she knew he was grinning.
He swung the bat catching his wife's arm. He swung again and again, never missing. Finally it stopped.
They heard a gentle knock at the door. Mike flung it open and stormed out, a little girl crept in.
"Mummy?" The girl whispered. Her mother was a bloody mess on the floor. She edged closer.
"Hey Sarah" Emily tried to sound cheery for her young child but her voice was barely audible.
"Mummy, are you going to die?" Tears spilled down Emily's cheeks. It was a horrible thing to hear her child say.
"Yes, I think so" she smiled weakly.
Sarah knelt by her mother sniffing.
"Find the box before your father does... You know what to do."
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