Love is in the air

Alice and Harry have been dating for over three years now. What has harry planned for febuary the 14th? Something romantic? What gifts will be exchanged? And whats the big news?


2. chapter two

After breakfast Harry took me out on a romantic walk, through Central Park. Oh it was lovely!  He then took me over to a lake. And there waiting for us was a boat.  With pettles scattered all around it. I kissed harry passionately.  "I love you, harry!" I said. "I love you too, babe." He said leaning in for a kiss. We then hoppen into the boat and rowed down the lake. He is so romantic. "Harry, I got you something." I said handing him a present wrapped in red rapping paper with pink hearts on it to mark the occasion. "You didnt have to." He said unwrapping the present. I got him a braclet saying 'Harry and Alice forever' he looked so happy when he opened it. "I love it" he said putting it on his wrist. "I have your present for later" he said smilling winking at me. Today was so perfect. 

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