Love is in the air

Alice and Harry have been dating for over three years now. What has harry planned for febuary the 14th? Something romantic? What gifts will be exchanged? And whats the big news?


1. chapter one

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I had no work today so I dont know why I set the alarm anyway. Today was Valentine's day!  Oh, how exciting! Im sure harry had something really romantic planned. Hes a romantic kinda guy. I lay in bed thinking about today. I was so excited. Harry looked so cute when he was asleep.his beautiful curls, his gorgeous lips. "Morning beautiful" he said to me in his lovely morning voice. "Morning handsome" I said back to him. With that he gave me a peck on the lips. He got up and started getting dressed. So did I. I walked into the kitchen and there was a lovely breakfast on the table. A breakfast for two. "Harry, did you do all this?" I asked him. He smiled at me. "I sure did, babe." He said leaning in to kiss me. I put my arms around his neck and he put nis arms around my waist. He must have gotten up early. And thats unlike him. Hes so romantic. There were loads of rose petals on the floor. Aww. How cute. We sat down and ate the delicious breakfast. "This isnt the best bit" he told me. I started getting really excited now.


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