You & I

Payton? Promise You'll Stay Forever?
Yes Niall, I Promise. I Love You.
Niall? Hello.? Niall?!
** Niall Opens Eyes And Laughs** THATS NOT FUNNY NIALL!!!!


1. Im Homee!

Im Sitting In Bed Doing Homework Wearing My Black Short Shorts Yellow Tan-Top And Curled Hair What I Wore To School. I Was Currently Blocking Out The World, Headphones In , One Direction On. *Buzz* I Look Down At My IPhone4s And See A Text From My Brother Nick. Nick: Payttonnnn! <3 I'll Be Home Soon I Have Someone For You To Meet! (:

Payton: Okay. <3 Be Fast Miss You Big Brudderr!<3

Nick: Kay 5 Minutes Girlyy!

I Laugh I Love My Brother Hes The Only Family I Have Left Since My Parents Died Last Year.

I Hear A Farmiliar Laugh ( My Brothers) Then I Hear That Irish Accent I Know Oh-So Too Well. NIALL HORAN IS AT MY HOUSE!

I Put On My Concealer To Hide My Scars On My Wrists And Walk Down Stairs And Walk Into The Kitchen Acting Like Nothing Going On. I Say "Heyy NikkipoohhBear!" And He Yells " In The Living Room, Come Heree!!!" "Coming!' I Yell. I See Niall And I Say " Oh Hey" And Walk And Sit On Nicks Lap. Niall Says " Hi Im Niall Horan." I Respond Coldy " I Know Who You Are." Giggling To Myself Cause Hes All Over My Walls <3. Hahh! Niall Just Laughs It Off And Hugs Me I Scream Loudly Fangirlin I Couldnt Hold It In He Laughs And Asks " You A Fan ?" "Yeahh"

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