The After-World

Years ago World War Three broke out, killing millions. The last place hit? America. The acid bombs dropped released a chimical which somehow caused people to grow with weird abilities which shouldn't be possible. The story follows a young girl who goes on a journey to stop the men who started the war. The girl and a large group of super soldiers train, to prepare for battle.


3. Chapter 2

The main entrance to the shelter was filled with people, some Nora recognized, others were obviously new. Among the new was a middle aged man, maybe in his early forties, with reddish-brown colored whiskers peeking out of his chin and cheeks, but none on his head. He was obviously the leader, and he was arguing with Jack and his friends. Nora approached the argument, all business.

Some of the people behind the bald man watched Nora with weird expressions, the others seemed too distracted to notice anything. When Nora reached the argument, Jack stopped talking, as did his friends. “What’s up?” Nora asked the bald man, and she popped the p at the end like a child. The man scanned her up and down taking in her long legs, muscled arms, midnight-black wavy hair, clear, and steady blue eyed stare, and tan skin from three years hunting. When he was satisfied he had seen everything, he met her stare with his own. His brown eyes seemed fierce, yet kind.

“What are you doing here Nora?” Jack asked behind her and she rolled her eyes in annoyance. The bald man smiled slightly as Nora turned with her hands on her hips.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought when someone blew the shelter emergency home that I was part of the shelter, my mistake. Sue me.” Jack stared at Nora for a second, then she snorted and turned back to face the bald man, “Well?”

The bald man chuckled a little bit then, got down to business, “As you all know, many years ago the Iroc’s attacked America. We weren’t prepared for such a thing then, we didn’t have the right weapons. But now we do.” He looked among the people who stood watching him. “As you may or may not have noticed,” He began, “There are people that can now run twice the speed of an average human, or throw twice as long, hear twice as far and so on. These amazing mutations can help us fight back, and regain control of our country. Right here I have two hundred kids with these amazing gifts, but that is like two hundred thousand regular men. Each special child is like one thousand grown men. This is our last stop before training. If there is anyone that would like to join us, step up.” The crowd was silent, soaking in everything he had just said.

Then, chaos erupted. People yelled in outrage, “If you take our specials, who will hunt?!” “We need them!” “Who do you think you are?” The shouts filled the square, and the man just stood there, his face devoid of emotion. Nora stepped up, and suddenly the crowd fell into silence.

“What are you doing?” Jack whispered to Nora.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Nora asked, “I’m stepping up!” She turned to face the man and said, “Hey, I’m Nora. I’d like to join.” He looked at her for a second.

“What can you do?” He asked it as if she were auditioning for a talent show. Nora let out a giant sigh, couldn’t she just join and get on with it?

“Well I can see pretty well.” Nora muttered and the crowd behind the man laughed quietly and Nora blushed. The crowd that stood behind her was silent still, they didn’t know how to react to it, the fact that she wanted to leave.

“How well?” The man asked and Nora searched for something good. Her eyes skimmed from looking at people’s teeth to spots in their eyes. Until eventually, she settled for something.

“There is a speck of dirt, falling back there. Behind your tall guy with blue eyes and blonde hair.” Everyone looked in suspense as the guy turned around to look, and when he turned back around he smiled and nodded.

“She’s right!” He said and everyone looked at Nora. The bald guy smiled at her like he had known her his whole life, like they were best friends. “You can join if you choose.” Nora rolled her eyes and began stepping towards the crowd of specials she had never met.

Jack grabbed her shoulder desperately, “What are you doing?” He asked again like he was sure Nora had gone insane and needed to think before she did anything rash. She probably did need to, but she had never been one to dwell in the present and think. She was impulsive.

“Well,” Nora replied, “Looks like I’m joining.” She ripped her shoulder out of his grip and stepped into the group. Nobody patted her on the back or said anything; they just looked at her, sizing her up. “Hello to you to.” Nora muttered sarcastically.

The man kept his make-shift army there for many minutes more, but nobody else would step up. He shook his head and said, “If any of you change your mind, I will be three days south of here at the training camp. Thank you all for your time.” Then he turned and began walking through the crowd until her got to Nora. Everyone parted for him like the red sea for Moses, but Nora stood her ground. She didn’t move for anyone, not even if she liked them.

The man just smiled, delighted and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She tensed up, but all he said was, “We need to catch up.” Like they used to be close friends that split apart then recently got together.

Nora just ducked under his thick arm and turned around. She stood there many minutes after the group had left and just watched the people she grew up with stare at her. Then, her mother walked up to her.

“What are you doing?! We need food you’re a hunter you selfish little girl! I order you to stay here!” She grabbed Nora’s wrist in a tight grip and a gasp traveled down Nora’s throat. Instinctively, she jerked her arm out of her mother’s grip and cradled it.

“News flash mom, I’m not a little girl. I’m almost eighteen, and I’m not selfish. I am leaving to help; I’m going to make it safe for you all to live outside of the shelter you’ll see.” Nora raised her voice so everyone could hear her promise. “I will miss all of you!” She yelled, which was a lie. She didn’t even know half of them. Then, her voice turned cold as ice and she glared into her mother’s hateful eyes, “Except you. In fact, I think I’ll miss you least of all.” And with that, Nora retreated towards the door that led outside. She paused, but she didn’t turn around. After a second she continued walking out the door and closed it behind her. The ran to catch up with the rest of the group.

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