The After-World

Years ago World War Three broke out, killing millions. The last place hit? America. The acid bombs dropped released a chimical which somehow caused people to grow with weird abilities which shouldn't be possible. The story follows a young girl who goes on a journey to stop the men who started the war. The girl and a large group of super soldiers train, to prepare for battle.


1. Prologue

"Get in the shelter!" Screamed a young man as he grabbed his wife's thin, pale wrist. He dragged her along urgently, but gently. The sky filled with orbs, each one a unique color, and different sizes. They collided with the scarred land with a horrific splash. Then, the substance burnt into the ground for yards and yards, until you couldn't see the bottom.

Screams fired like bullets around the young couple, yet they stayed silent as they ripped across the terrain. The orbs hit someone every ten seconds. Time would seem to slow for a little while as the victim looked about in terror, silent. Then, a scream would fight its way up the throat of the person and moments later, they were dead. A hole the size of the orb would go clear through the body then spread head to toe. Soon, an empty hole would be where a living, breathing person had stood. Not long before.

The wife tripped over her clumsy feet aas she watched the terrified people in horror. Her free hand automatically went to her small round belly. She was three months pregnant, and hated it. What parent would want to bring their first born child into a world where war was everywhere?The wife fell on the ground, and the husband hurried to get her up. Though, she didn't want to move.

Smoke covered her and she looked up to the once-blue sky. Just the day before there had been the most gorgeous sun right above her head, in a cloudless sky the color of the ocean. All that had disappeared, none of it was left. Her eyes burned not just because of the smoke, but also due to longing. She wished the day before had lasted forever.

Her husband finally pulled her onto her feet, and carried her towards the giant gray building. It had been made years earlier, when the first signs of World War Three came into view. Nobody took it seriously then, they didn't believe the world would go back to the old days. They lived in an era of peace, prosperity. The Golden Age of the world, everyone benefited. Then, a new society rose up. They were based on violence, and had no rules. The called themselves the Iroc tribe. Soon enough, the Iroc's gathered more and more men, people were bored of peace.

In the year 2089, The Iroc's had enough people. So they attacked China, the biggest industry capital of the world. They took some captive, but killed most. Supply went way down, but demand only rose. Next came Japan, and the first place struck was Tokyo. That sent panic, and the Iroc's loved panic.

Slowly, cities fell, followed shortly by the whole country. There was no stopping the Iroc's, so America chose to build shelters before they got hit. It wasn't nearly good enough though. If you wanted a spot in the shelter, you needed to buy a ticket. Space was a limited resource. Each ticket cost more than half a million dollars, so not everyone could buy them.

The wife realized that as she looked at the panicked faces of her friends, and her colleagues. They would die, if not from the orbs then from the toxic air the orbs let out after collision. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled the air as her husband stopped running, with her in his arms.

He reached into his right pocket and held out two tickets with the thickness of a baby's thumb. As he handed them over, the man who stood there shook his head. A jolt of fear went up the womans' spine, what was wrong?

"These are two tickets; I bought them with my money. Why can't we enter?" The husband yelled at the man, who was somewhat like a bouncer. He chose who got to enter the club of life, and who couldn't. The bouncer just shook his head apologetically.

"I'm sorry, it's a rule. Two tickets; two people." He looked at the husband, then pointedly at the wife's small, round belly. "That's two right there." Understanding dawned on the husbands' face and he looked from the tickets, to his wife, to his wife's growing belly. He sighed and handed the tickets over. "Sit, only two-!"

"Two people, I know. There are your two people." He nodded towards his wife, "Take care of her." He said and turned to her. Her eyes bulged at what was happening, too shocked to even respond. Her husband kissed her lightly on the forehead, "Goodbye Aleena, I love you." She tried to swallow but her dry throat wouldn't allow it, just like it wouldn't allow speach. She shook her head and tried to step towards him, but collapsed with fatigue. "Tell the baby I love it. Give it a kiss from me every night. And please don't tell it the stories that make me seem stupid; I don't want me to be a bad picture in it's mind." He chuckled, though there was no humor in it. His lips collided with hers, brief and sweet. Then, as he walked away, she finally found her voice. She screamed as loud as she could and tried to run to him again, only to be grabbed by the ticket man to dragged her back. She watched hopelessly as the shelters big, gray doors closed in front of her, blocking the view of her husband walking into no man's land. She never saw him again.


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