He's my husband

Hey. It's Amora again. I've been married to Niall for 2 years now. But recently he's been... different. I don't know what it is but there's something on his mind. He's been keeping something. Valentines day is coming up and if I find out for certain that he's been hiding things, I don't know what I'll do...


1. My husband, Niall Horan.

"Niall. Niall!" I said. He seemed to be acting strange recently. We got married 2 years ago after we re-united at one of his concerts. I thought he forgot who I was but when I saw him again and I was in his arms, I knew that he never forgot and what he was saying tome was the truth. He wrote 'Still the One' about me.

"NIALL! Answer me! Are you hiding something?"I yelled. Recently Niall had been distant. He was out a lot and he was always on the phone. But the strange thing was, every time he picked it up he used a different name. He gets about 10 phone calls each day when he's at home and this week, he never used the same name twice when answering. Something was up. "No! He yelled back. "Jeez Am, why can't you trust me?". "I do babe I swear!" I said back to him. I do trust him it's just that... "Look Am. If you trust me then just stop getting on my case about everything okay?" he said calmly. I didn't know what to do.

"And then he just acted as if we'd never had the conversation," I said to my best friend Sunny. She was married to Harry. "I mean everyone was saying that 20 was too young to get married. Maybe they were right and Niall rushed things through with us..." "You're going to divorce him!?" Sunny cried. She always thought Niall and I were a great couple. "I just don't know Sunny. I just don't know..."

"You poor thing!" said Liam. I was sat in our living room with all of the members of One Direction. All of them except Niall. I could confide in these guys so I told them what happened. "Well you know Niall Ams," Louis said comfortingly. "He's probably planning something for -" He suddenly looked at Liam and then looked back at me. "His cat. You know how much he loves his cat," Louis continued. "Wait" I said. "Niall doesn't have a -" "Yes he does!" said Zayn butting in. "Her name is Jane" Harry said. All of this was really confusing me. I smiled and casually left. Now my friends were hiding things from me too. What was happening? Who could I trust?

The worst part about all this is that it all happened on the first week of February. The month of the most romantic day of the year. Valentines Day. On the 13th I didn't see Niall anywhere. He wrote me a note saying "Left for work early, won't be back till late. Sorry babes. Love you!" I was home alone on the day before Valentines. Was he going to end our relationship tomorrow? It was going to be the worst day ever tomorrow...

"Good morning madam. Would you like some croissants? Mr Horan informed me that you needed to follow the yellow brick road," said a tall butler when I woke up. I hit myself hard on the arm. Yeah. I'm awake. "Okay then..." I said. "My pleasure," said the butler. I ate my croissants, got up, got dressed and walked out the door. I thought a trip to Destiny's place would cheer me up. Funnily enough, there was a small tunnel built out of yellow bricks. There was a locked door saying and a note saying, "Amora! The key will open me," so I tried opening it with the house key. This was the weirdest Valentines Day ever... After about 10 minutes, I came across another door. I opened it and ended up outside a dance studio. I went inside and saw dancers . They all did flips and tricks and I noticed that they were making letters with their bodies. The letters spelt out "AMORA" This was even stranger. I kept walking through the studio. I heard some classical music coming from one room and I wanted to see what was going on so I walked on in and - "SURPRISE!!!" chorused a all of my friends and family! But there were 5 people who weren't there. I guess Niall didn't plan this after all. Me and the gang danced and danced when Sunny, Destiny and Felicity whispered amongst each other. Fliss cleared her throat. "Here is your favourite type of cake Ams. Happy Valentines day!" she said. I walked up to it when my Nialler jumped out of it! Then the rest of the guys came out and started singing 'Heart Attack'. "I love you Amora Horan. Happy Valentines day," said Niall. I couldn't believe this was happening. Niall was organizing a huge Valentines party just for me. "I love you to babes," I said to him. All the people had gotten on with the party and the boys and the gang weren't lingering. He kissed me softly and it was the perfect Valentines day treat.

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