valentines day

it was valentines day i bet he forgot niall was good with dates but he hadn't said a thing all day.


1. valentines

it was valentines day and i wasn't sure if niall had and niall had been going for a year, and he never had forgotten dates before,but this was different.he was acting really strange.we were having dinner and i started getting really worried that he had forgotten,he hadn't mentioned anything all day.niall looked up at me and smiled with a mouth full of food.i couldn't help but smile back, he looked so adorable.i then looked back down at my plate letting my mind wander if he remembered.we both finished and niall got up to take the plates out to the kitchen,i tried to take them but he insisted.i sat there thinking. thinking about the wonderful year behind me and the wonderful times ahead.niall was truly perfect and i was so lucky to have him.i heard niall walk back in so i sat up, ready for desert.niall put the plate of ie cream in front of me and i smiled so big at the was strawberry ice cream my favourite, with chocolate chips but that wasn't the best part written in chocolate chips were the words

'will you marry me'

i looked up at niall, who did nothing but smile at me, waiting for a responce.i looked down at the message one more time to make sure i wasn't hallucinating when i was sure,i looked back up at niall, managing nothing other than a nod.

he smiled and ran over to me and gave me a massive hug.then he pulled me in for kiss it was short but was the best kiss of my life, so far.i looked at him in the eyes and started to cry.he was perfect, and now, he was mine.forever and always.

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