1Shotfor1D Contest Entry; The day Green eyes met Blue.

Caitlyn. A 17 year old girl kicked out. But not just from High School, from home too. Why? Lets just say a rebel slash High-School-Dropout doesn't fit into a family of rich(and well-mannered) CEO's.
One day, she meets a boy with the messiest mop of curls she's ever seen. The day Green eyes met Blue, it was love from the start.


1. The Day Green Eyes met Blue

"3 days. It had been 3 days. 3 days since I was kicked out of my home, from the only people I had ever known. It was all because of one little swear word to piss off Mrs.Sinclair. The again, I had a horrible history with all the teachers, from throwing spitballs at them, to taping awful signs on their backs. But I didnt care, after all, who gives one if its already been done? I pulled the cigarette up to my lips, taking a long drag, then puffing it out to create a smoke bubble.
Deciding I needed a little break from reality, I walked into a little bakery, sitting myself down at one of the booths, and kicking my feet up onto the table.
I sat there for about ten minutes in peace and quiet, scrolling through my phone when a boy around my age came to my table,
"You know you can't put your feet on the table, right?" He asked, with a husky voice complimented by a British accent,
"Of course I know, but honestly...do you think I care?" I asked, and popped my earphones back into my ears.
He tried talking to me again, and I swear, I was about ready to slap the kid.
Turning around so I could piss him off, I was met by something that shocked me...the beauty of his emerald green eyes.
It was from then on did I know, that he was the one. Soon, he rose to super-stardom, with a fan base bigger then The United States. I write this to him, hoping that one day, he finds it, and remembers us. You are the strongest person I know, my love. You are. I hope you recover from all your amnesia, and maybe, we could be like Noah and Ally from our favorite movie..."The Notebook." Maybe, we would die in each other's arms, forever in love, and in peace.
Love always,
Caitlyn Styles"

I closed the little booklet I had in my hand, and placed it next to Harry's hospital bed.
He is 83 years old now, and suffering from a serious case of amnesia.
I hope that when he read the story, he will remember, because that is the tale of when...

Green Eyes met Blue.

Authors Note-
Hello everyone! This is my first story on Movella's and I hope you enjoyed it. This story took place(well, point-of-view wise) as Caitlyn writes a letter to her husband(yes, Harry Styles) of the day they first met...in hope that he would remember everything. Then, as she finishes, she closes the booklet, and places it next to him, walking away sadly. Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you like it. No matter how short and non-descriptive I made it.
Much love,

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