What am I?

This poem i wrote is a riddle as well as a poem.
What am I ?


1. What am I?



I signify pure so beautifully, I look light and delicate as I slowly come down so freely without control. I shower the atmosphere with frost and cool breath. Challenge me if you can! I know you can't resist your yearning for a touch. But, I must say I'm too glacial for you to handle and I will inject you with bitterness in the end. But you can't avoid me unless your hiding away from the world, I fool you every time. When seen I make a majority of eyes dance with joy and full of happiness. But, the happiness don't last long as regret starts to hit you because your now burning like fire. You now probably question yourself how can something so soft and cute have the effects to leave me in pain and almost in tears. What am I ?

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