This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


44. What's Up in the Studio?



the next day, lauren and i decided to visit Liam in the studio.

" Are you looking for Liam? He's recording right now, would you mind waiting a minute?", a polished lady about in her early 30's said to us, as we walked into the studio. Nicole. She was my favourite manager here. what? she's hot.

"Yeah, sure, thanks Nicole.",I said to her, and wlaked through to the room, to watch Liam record.

Liam was standing in a glass room, singing with his eyes closed. We couldnt hear him, but it was the chorus to a song I did my solo for a couple of weeks ago.

He stopped singing, and noticed we were here. Coming out the glass doors, he came to us.

"Oh. hey guys."

"Hey guys? that's it?" Lauren said, looking a little disappointed.

Liam shrugged, and walked to the water dispenser, pouring himself a glass of water. This was not like Liam.

"Hey Lauren would you mind asking Nicole if i need to record any more?" i asked Lauren. i needed to ask Liam what was wrong.

"Yeah sure, ill be right back." she said to us.

as soon as she was gone, i turned to Liam, who had changed from sad, to angry.

"Mate, what's up?" i asked him.

"Why don't you check out every single newspaper and article on the planet and check back with me?" he said in a hushed voice.

"What? what are you talking about?!" 

he gestured to the newspaper on the recording booth, and walked over to the trash can, and dumped his cup.

i picked it up, and looked at the cover. on it had two pictures of me and Lauren on it. One i had her slung over my back, and we were laughing, the other we were holding hands. It read "NIALL HORAN STEALING BANDMEMBERS GIRL?". To an outsiders eye, it looked exactly like me and Lauren were cheating on Liam.

"What?! Liam this is crazy! You know i would never go after Lauren. she's your girlfriend!!"

"That's not what those pictures say."

"We were running away from photographers! i took her hand to help her out! you would've done the same thing!"

"exactly, Niall!!! i would've done the same thing! I'm her boyfriend, that's normal!"

"i cant believe you think I'd get your girlfriend to cheat on you with me!", i yelled

"what?"  Lauren said. i turned around, and noticed that Lauren was standing there, looking a mixture of confused and hurt.

she noticed the newspaper in my hand, walked over, and looked at it.

"what? Liam, you think I'm cheating on you with Niall?" her eyes were filling up with tears now.

Liam said nothing, just looked at the floor.

" i can't believe you. you should know that i would never cheat on you.Niall's your friend. your supposed to trust him. and me."

she gave Liam a sad look, and walked out, leaving Liam and I alone.


"Just go, Niall."



I'd never seen Liam like this before. This wasn't Liam. There has to be something else.

What's up with Liam?



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