This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


33. The Breezy Night




What an amazing day we had. Even the Ferris wheel was too much fun. Liam ended up not even flinching on the roller coaster, in fact I was the one screaming like a baby!

It's not my fault, that thing was bigger than it looks!!

I realize It's really late when I check the alarm clock by my bed, so I settle back in bed, Liam's already fast asleep.


I check the clock 3 am. I've slept three hour. I reach my hand over to Liam, but to my surprise he's not there.

I sit up and look around the room. Not to be found.

I swing my legs over the bed and walk to the bathroom. He's not there.

I start to panic.

Where could he be??

I walk over the balcony'd French doors, open them, and to my relief (and surprise) Liam is standing on it, his hands on the rails, the cool night air is blowing against his skin.

I pull my robe around me tighter.

" Babe? What are you doing out here?"

Liam jumps, and turns to face me.

" Lauren? Why are you awake??"

" I asked first!"

" I don't know. I can't sleep."

" why not, what's wrong?" I ask moving towards him, and putting my hand over his.

" I'm just stressed out. With the tour coming up, your not going to be around. I'm just going to miss you a lot. I don't know how I'm going to function without you."

" Don't be worried, Liam." His eyes are sad, and he looks back out to the ocean, which is right in front of the hotel.

" We can talk on the phone every night, Skype, twitcam, whatever it takes. It will work. I promise. "

Liam looks at me, smiles, and puts his arm around my waist.

" I love you, and I'm not going to let go of you just because of a tour. I love touring, I love 1D's fans, and I love you. "I love you too." I reply. " so, why don't we get out of here?" I continue.

He's taken by surprise.

" The plane tickets aren't till Friday it's only Tues-"

" No, no that's not what I mean. I mean get out of this hotel!" I laugh.

"What?? At 3 am?!"

" yeah, why not YOLO right?"

" I don't like where this is going..." Liam says.

I take his hand.

" Come on!"





The cool, night air is blowing in Lauren's and my own face. Its not rough, though, or cold. Its nice, a little breeze. It makes Lauren's hair blow back in the wind. God, she's so beautiful. She doesn't even realize it.

She swings our hands back and forth, but she tugs on it, and leads me to the edge of the water.


She faces the water, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath, then looks down at her feet.

The water's waves are slowly moving towards her toes, and she waits. But as soon as they get close, she runs, backing away from the water.

“ Not feeling the water, tonight? 3:30 in the morning's too late for you?” I ask, teasing.

“ No silly goose. Its a game I used to play, every time I went to the beach. You stand, and wait for the waves to come close to your feet, try to get it as close as possible, then try to not get wet. By avoiding it.”

“Alright.” I said, accepting the challenge. “Together?”

“Let's do it!” She takes my hand and we face the water.

I take a deep breath in. I wish I could live in this moment forever.

Just me, and her, together, alone, right here, right now.

I open my eyes, and Lauren's eyes are trained on the sand.

“GO!” I yell, and we both flee to the safety of the shore.

We laugh, and topple to the floor.

We're facing the sky, the moon acting as a light. We watch the stars.

“That one. Right there.” I point out a specific shining star. “That's the Kevin.” I laugh out loud. “Louis insisted on having a star named after his beloved pigeon.”

Lauren laughs too, and holds my hand.

“Lets go again!” she says, and jumps up.

I follow her down to the shore, and we get closer to the wave.

Right when I close my eyes I feel wet on my leg.

My eyes fly open.

Lauren's standing, the water up to her shins, splashing me with the cold water.

“YOU DARE CHALLENGE THE MASTER?!” I yell, running towards her, making an effort to be extra splashy.

She giggles, and runs further out shore, up to her thighs, and squeals.

“IT'S SO COOOOLD!!!” she tries to run back, but I grab her, and wrap my arms around her stomach, and twist her body, so she's now facing the rest of the ocean.

“EEEEEEK!” she squeals, as I carry her out farther, were up to our chests now.

We're laughing so hard we're about to fall.

But we don't know what's about to happen.


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