This Love is Real

Lauren is dragged to a party at Liam Payne's house (Thanks to Louis) and expected to hate it. Instead, she is thrown into a strange situation, and meets Liam Payne, who might be the man of her dreams.


35. The Best Night of Our Lives


When my eyes open, I'm in the hotel room. Liam is sitting on the edge of the bed, watching me very closely. The dark circles under his eyes tells me he's been like this all night.

“Lauren?!?” He asks, his eyes full of relief, “Are you okay??!”

Oh god, that's right.

The water.

The night.

The shark.

“I'm okay.” I said, sitting up a little, “I was just tired, that's all.”

“Thats all?!!?!? Lauren what happened out there?! All I saw was you screaming at me, crying, some rapid movements, and then you passed out on shore!! That's not just tired!!!!”

I took a deep breath in.

“There was a shark.” I Look down.

Liam puts his face in his hands, and stands up, rubbing his eyes.

“ What were you thinking?!?!?! Risking your life like that?!!?!”

“I'm sorry, Liam, I just couldn't bear the thought of you getting hur-”

“Me getting hurt?! Lauren you tried to take on that shark!”

“I know, I'm sorry. Its just that I knew what to do, and I wasn't sure if you did, and I was closer and-”

He just shakes his head.

He finally sits down. He takes my hands in his, looks me in the eye, and says,

“Lauren. You don't understand. If I lost you, I'd have nothing to live for. You are my world. And I need to protect my world. Keep it safe. And I can't do that if you're going around, trying to beat sharks-”

I interrupted him. I couldn't help it. He's cute when he's angry.

We kissed. No time for details, but thats what happened.

When he pulled away, he made one thing clear.

“Just stay safe, okay? I need you.”

“Well you must admit,” I said, “Until the attack, it was the best night of our lives.”


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